Doorbell Pro Video Ring Price 2, release date and features just released

Ring Video has a new Doorbell Pro 2 Video Ring, according to a list now removed on the Candadian Best Buy site, with ZatzNotFunny seeing it.

The preserved version of the page is still there, and it gives us a good idea of ​​what to expect from this sequel. While the design looks very familiar, some key improvements are mentioned in the specs of the Doorbell Pro 2 Video Ring.

The main reason for the update is an increase in video stream quality, which jumps from 1080p on the original to 1536p on the new model. That’s a bit of a weird figure until you read the explanation: the “extended to Head” view lets you clearly see who’s at your door. ”

(Image credit: Canada’s best buy)

That is very useful. Anyone who has previously posted a video doorbell will be aware that including a full view is not entirely straightforward, and it is possible to see the ground where packages may or may not be particularly useful. with the world relying on delivery more than ever.