“Does Yair Lapid trust the short memory of the public?” Political and political news

“Does Yair Lapid trust the short memory of the public?”  Political and political news

Torch and Barbibai

Torch and Barbibai

Photo: Spokeswoman

Defense Minister Bnei Gantz announced this week that he intends to appoint MK Eitan Ginzburg as chairman of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, replacing MK Zvi Hauser, who was ousted after joining Gideon Saar’s party with Yoaz Handel.

On the other hand, the head of the opposition, Yair Lapid, proposed the Knesset member, Maj. Gen. Orna Barbibai, for the position.

In response last night, the organization Theory of War sent a letter to the committee members, mentioning Barbibai’s role while she was the head of the ACA in falsifying the Haredi recruitment data and presenting a false presentation to the committee: “We do not support any candidate Yair Lapid’s foolish attempt to appoint Orna Barbibai as chairman of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee is a disregard for the public memory in Israel. ” Write in the organization.

“Barbibai lied to the committee and falsified the data on the recruitment of the ultra-Orthodox when she was the head of the ACA. She does not deserve to be a full member of the committee, let alone a chairperson. “

As you may recall, with the explosion of the case of falsifying Haredi recruitment data last year, officer committees in the Personnel Division that falsified Haredi recruitment data with the knowledge of Barbibai, turned to the Doctrine of Combat Organization, which set itself the goal of fighting the IDF’s false culture, and demanded Miri Frenkel-Schur and the Knesset’s Legal Adviser, Adv. Eyal Yinon, disqualified Barbibai Meldon from discussing the data reports within the committee due to the blatant conflict of interest, but they chose not to comment.

The organization even addressed the Knesset directly at the time: “As an organization that aims to strengthen the motivation of the youth to follow the army commanders and strengthen public confidence in the heads of the defense establishment, we call on you to present evidence to the public and confirm your position that you reported to the Knesset They are accurate. “Barbibai, for her part, claimed a” gross lie “and called the organization’s activities” political persecution. “