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Police checkpoint during the closure

Police checkpoint during the closure

Photo: Miriam Alster / FLASH90

More than 100 doctors have signed a petition against the closures and restrictions that the government intends to impose on Israeli citizens.

“We, doctors in Israel, are vehemently protesting against coercive measures to prevent the spread of the corona, which include closure, curfew, shutdown of the education system, locating and traffic restrictions,” they wrote. “It is our job to warn of the slippery and dangerous slope of violating rights and taking liberties that the State of Israel is galloping on.”

“The coercive measures taken in the last 9 months in the country are an expression of a loss of values ​​and are in conflict with the ethical foundations of medicine. A heavy cloud rests on their continued use.”

“The coercive measures now being discussed are a devastating violation of basic civil rights, and their enforcement is devoid of medical justification, and a black flag is hoisted above it.”

“We state that coronary heart disease can be treated with the consent, with the information and with the cooperation of the citizen. medical”.