Do not allow the Scots to go forward

World Cup Qualifiers, Europe 20-21

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Doron Ben Dor

Eitan Tibi and Dor Peretz.  Key Players (Radad Jabara)

Eitan Tibi and Dor Peretz. Key Players (Radad Jabara)

The Israeli team will host the Scottish team in the World Cup qualifiers tonight (Sunday) at 21:45. This is a game that everyone on the team should know to be a milestone for the sequel, especially when it comes to a team that is supposed to face Israel for third place.

The team is aware that this time the game will be a different opera compared to the previous games in the Corona year, if only because quite a few players from both teams were missing because they contracted the Corona virus and were after a long break.

Rotensteiner: If the Scots are given a clearance, we will pay

At the Rotensteiner national team meeting, special emphasis was placed on the pressure game he expects from his trainees: “We must not allow the Scots to go forward. “This is a physical and aggressive team that plays very fast and moves quickly to explosive attacks.”

The national coach will make a number of changes to the squad compared to the one he started in the game against Denmark. The decision to remove Hatem ‘Abd al-Hamid from the squad and replace him with Dor Peretz was mainly due to the fact that Peretz did a great job in the second half against Denmark and was one of the standouts on the field. On the other hand, there is criticism of the decision to bring Peretz to the defense, as he is in excellent shape as a midfielder he also showed in the first half against the Danes.

Burst in front of Eriksen.  Also impress with the link (Radad Jabara)Burst in front of Eriksen. Also impress with the link (Radad Jabara)

Ofri Arad will also have the opportunity in the set of three brakes. The one who will complete the lineup will be the veteran Eitan Tibi, who this time will have to be much more focused. In the team, the defensive players wanted to know how to cover each other, otherwise they would find themselves exposed.

Neta Lavie, who came in at the start of the second half and played well, will get credit and open alongside Beavers Natcho. In the front this time it will be possible to see Sean Weissman at the expense of Mons Dabour who failed to complete training yesterday due to injury.

Weissman.  Getting a chance (Radad Jabara)Weissman. Getting a chance (Radad Jabara)

About 5,000 fans will come to Bloomfield tonight and try to give the team a boost in hopes of winning first points in the campaign. The team will leave for Moldova tomorrow, where they will play this coming Wednesday.

Estimated composition: Ofir Marciano, Eli Desa, Eitan Tibi, Dor Peretz, Ofri Arad, San Menachem, Neta Lavie, Beavers Natcho, Manor Solomon, Sean Weissman and Eran Zehavi.