Disney + to reach US $ 4 billion in US membership revenue by 2022 – Digital TV Europe

Disney + is expected to exceed US $ 4 billion in revenue from U.S. subscriptions alone by 2022.

According to eMarketer, the rapid growth of the climber launched in 2019 is expected to continue in the coming years.

The company noted that the climber had raised US $ 0.13 billion in membership revenue by the end of 2019 – representing a reasonable inclusion from a month and a half of opportunity. It predicts that Disney + will reach the end of 2020 with US membership revenue of US $ 1.94 billion, rising to US $ 2.87 billion for 2021 and up to US $ 4.23 billion by the end of 2022.

Disney + currently represents 26.5% of Disney’s OTT revenue in the country, with Hulu still gaining control of the industry at 67.6%. ESPN + sports stream makes up a smaller share of 5.8%.

The company says Disney ‘s two major streams will consolidate it as the second largest streaming player in the U.S. based on membership revenue. Its total streaming share will be almost equal to Netflix by 2022 in the US, with Netflix at US $ 12.95 billion and Disney at US $ 12.36 billion

Eric Haggstrom, eMarketer forecast analyst at Insider Intelligence, said: “Hit shows are similar Am Mandalorian, Disney ‘s large library, major circulation contracts, and a major marketing push contributed strong initial growth in subscribers. It is expected to continue to grow off that foundation as it distributes materials and brings some films directly to the service, rather than a theatrical message in some cases. ”

Disney’s expansion will also contribute to broader OTT growth in the U.S., with total revenue for the region expected to increase 29.9% in 2021 to US $ 38.15 billion. 2022 will see a 19.4% decrease as the sector matures.

Haggstrom said: “The membership landscape is constantly expanding. The good news for the mainstream Netflix player is that while new services like Disney + have been successfully launched, many users have been stacking services together. ”