Director Mrs Doubtfire states that there is ‘humorous humor’ from Robin Williams that could be published in a new documentary

Mrs. Doubtfire Fans could barely keep their glee down earlier in the week when a viral tweet announced an NC-17 cut of the film.

The 1993 family comedy features the late Robin Williams as a separatist actor who commits suicide as an old housewife to spend time with his children when his ex-wife gets caught. It was rated as PG-13 on release.

Talking to Weekly entertainment on Friday (March 19), the film’s director Chris Columbus said that there is no version of the film at the NC-17 level, but that there are three different versions of it, including a R-level cut.

“The fact is that Robin and I had an agreement, and that was, it would do one or two, three scratches. And then he would say, ‘Then let me play.’ And we would basically go anywhere between 15 to 22 taking, I think 22 is the biggest thing I remember, ”he said.

As a result, Williams came up with new versions and new lines in every way. “He would sometimes go into a land that would not be suitable for a PG-13 film, but certainly appropriate and funny for an R-level film. [previously] I used the phrase NC-17 as a joke. ”