Dillian Whyte on Alexander Povetkin: ‘I know how much I did it because of what he told me’ | Boxing news

Dillian Whyte claims that Alexander Povetkin admitted the seriousness of the injury in the moments after their first fight.

Whyte Povetkin hit twice in the fourth round and believed his competitor was about to be dragged out by his corner, but the Russian moved back with a blow from the fifth round.

The heavyweight rehab is scheduled for Saturday night in Gibraltar, live on Sky Sports Box Office, and Whyte takes heart from Povetkin ‘s open confession last year.

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Whyte had Povetkin when he lost
Povetkin KO'd Whyte
Povetkin KO’d Whyte

“I know how much I hurt because of what he told me after the fight,” Whyte said. Sky Sports.

“He’s a non-English speaker but he came up to me and said: ‘You’re much better than I thought, you’re very strong, very good’.

“He didn’t think I would enforce a reset clause at the time!”

Whyte has previously said he was on the verge of winning: “It was done – they were saying ‘we’re pulling you out at the end of this round’.

Povetkin denied: “There was no such conversation in the corner. The people I know know I’m fighting to the end.”

Whyte had waited more than 1,000 days for a bullet at a WBC heavyweight tournament but his status as a compelling opponent grew when Povetkin announced an uppercut to come back unbelievable.

Whyte reported Sky Sports Tuesday: “He’s a superhero. He had 200-plus amateur fights, winning everything, he’s defeated the top soldiers.

“But I’m coming to war Saturday night. I’m coming to inflict the damage on him as soon as possible. I’m coming to do damage.

Povetkin vs Whyte


‘Whyte will never make the same mistakes again’

“Last time, I didn’t hit it properly. They were clearing punches. If I land properly on any heavy weight I can destroy someone.

“I can knock down anyone on this planet. I will have power with both my hands. You’ve seen me get rid of guys who aren’t usually knocked down.

“Povetkin is tough and tough but also dangerous. I know what I need to do.”

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