Diljit Dosanjh shares a mimicry audio clip; Kangana Ranaut questions his secrets: The Tribune India

Tribune web desk
Chandigarh, December 19th

Kangana Ranaut and Diljit Dosanjh have been making headlines with their ongoing controversy on Twitter. As days go by, the war of words has only intensified. Now, the Punjabi singer has shared an audio clip.

Sharing the 39-second voice clip on a microblogging website, the singer wrote: “Ek Funny Gal Share Karni c. Mitran Da Naam BLACK PROJECT Di Goli Varga Ek Vaari Lagg Jave .. Fer kithey hatda .. Tera ni Kasoor .. “

In the clip, Diljit in Punjabi said: “Oh my god. I need to share something with you guys. There are 2-3 girls who can’t digest the food until they say my name. He is just like a doctor prescribing two tablets in the morning and two in the evening. Only then do they digest food. One of those girls has a really bad voice. Don’t give them any pressure. They themselves will stop shouting. Ok ta ta “.

Fans began to realize that Diljit was imitating Kangana’s voice.

Shortly afterwards, Kangana shared a 2-minute video message about farmers ’ongoing protests.

“Here’s the video I promised, watch when you can,” read her tweet.

In the clip, Kangana said: “I had promised everyone that I would talk about the farmers ‘grievances once the real stimuli are revealed, just like Shaheen Bagh’ s grievances. After the kind of mental and emotional and rape threats I face online in those 10-12 days, I have the right to ask questions of this country. to make everything clear, there is no room for doubt, it was proved that this whole movement was politically motivated and even terrorists had started to take part. ”

She continued, “I have lived in Punjab … I know that 99.9% of Punjab people do not want Khalistan. They do not want a piece of this country, they belong to India. From Arunachal Pradesh to Maharashtra to Delhi, they have it all. They don’t want a small allowance, they’re all natives. I have no complaint with terrorists who want to break this country, I understand their feelings. But how do these innocent people let these terrorists play with them. As dad Shaheen Bagh could read nothing but complain to save her citizenship, the dadi from Punjab has been mocking me and trying to save her land from government, what is happening in this country? Friends, how can we allow ourselves to be so vulnerable to these terrorists and foreign powers? I have a complaint against you. I have to talk about my intentions every day, a lover needs to clarify so many things. But people like Diljit Dosanjh and Priyanka Chopra, no one is asking them about their secrets. What is their policy? When I speak for this country, I am accused of doing politics. Also ask them what their policy is. Jai Hind. ”