Did Joe Biden really win the election? Trump supporters are looking for evidence of forgery

Did Joe Biden really win the election?  Trump supporters are looking for evidence of forgery

Joe Zebuloni, An activist for Donald Trump in Miami, spoke this morning (Tuesday) with Ben Caspit and Winon Magal on 103FM about the official announcement of the victory of Democratic candidate Joe Biden: “.

What’s up?
“We are working very hard to expose all the fraud and forgery and today we had a huge victory. A judge in Michigan allowed the release of the forensic test he ordered, neither of the Trump team nor of the Democrats. The court brought a neutral side that would go into 22 machines and analyze, see what “It happened there. They clearly wrote that these machines had been engineered into counterfeits.”

What does the test mean?
“The meaning of the test, is That the machines simply stole votes from Trump and passed them on to Biden in certain areas. In other places, they just issued. “

Biden was elected yesterday by the electors to the presidency of the United States. All previous times in the history of the United States there were electors who did not vote according to the choice of their countries, this time everyone voted that way.
“There were electors, they signed and put in the envelopes their choice. Under the US Constitution there are three steps to this stage: the first step was today, it does not mean that Biden was elected president, it just means that the electors voted. In the next step, on January 6, these electors The closed envelopes are presented to Senate and Congress presidents. Who is Senate President Mike Pence, of course there is Nancy Pelosi. If Congress and Senate presidents do not agree on the election of electors there are two choices – either it goes to the top, or Under the U.S. Constitution, electors can be appointed by the House of Representatives in any state if there is a problem“.

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Why would anything other than the usual process happen during which Biden would be elected?
“He has not been elected yet. On January 20, we will know who was elected.”

Joe Biden’s Victory Speech. Photo: Reuters

Where do you think this is going?
“There are 84 electors in seven countries who were added to Trump and given to Baiden. What could be in such a situation, a very possible scenario that has happened twice in history, if there is a draw, if for example there are 260 and one 240 because no one has reached 270, and there are 84 electors in doubt Very large because of fraud and irregularities, So there is a situation where the president of the senate can not agree to accept the legitimacy of the electors in these countries and bring them back to Congress“.

Is this following the investigation of the machines?
“The machines and counterfeits bring to mind what is happening here, and Trump in 2018 issued a presidential decree saying that if there is foreign government intervention in the US election he can enforce the decree, send the military and impose a procedure on those countries.”

Is the business not finished yet?
“Absolutely not. Anything can happen, we can not ignore these facts.”