Demonstrations against Netanyahu: Do police hold “photo albums” of protesters?

A senior police officer admitted today (Thursday) in the Knesset, during a discussion in the Interior Committee, that in some cases there are police officers who acted unrelated. Ami Eshed, commander of the Central District, said in the Knesset’s Interior Committee, headed by MK Miki Haimovich (blue and white): “In some cases, have there been police officers who lost it? The answer is yes. Are there any cops who have applied their agenda? The answer is yes. And wherever there is a deviation from the norm we have set, we treat it with severity. ”

During the hearing, an interesting moment occurred when committee chairman Haimovich said: “We have received complaints about photo albums that the police hold regarding specific demonstrators.” Superintendent Eshed did not confirm or deny:

During the hearing, a confrontation also broke out between MK Miki Haimovich and police representatives. Haimovich criticized a phenomenon in which police dragged demonstrators to a mobile, drove them to a remote place and released them there. Superintendent Eshed replied: We keep protesters away from the car and drop them off where possible. This is so as not to drag them 250 meters. Why the concept of assault and kidnapping? Are we a police force kidnapping people? The very nature of this perception is dangerous. “

The 70-year-old demonstrator is forcibly confined to the floor. Photo: The “No Situation” movement
Police representatives for discussion in the Interior Committee (Photo: Knesset Spokeswoman, Danny Shem Tov)Police representatives for discussion in the Interior Committee (Photo: Knesset Spokeswoman, Danny Shem Tov)

According to Haimovich, this has not been done in the past. “Show me examples of this being done in the past,” the committee chairman asked. “I’ve been in the police force for decades. This is done at every demonstration. Once a commander in a demonstration who has a violation and I as a police officer give a dispersal order, we can use any dispersal means given to us legally. This is a dispersal of public order, “said Eshed.

During the discussion, the committee’s chairman, Miki Haimovich, turned to Superintendent Eshed and asked if the replacement Prime Minister Ganz had called him? “Gantz called me personally, said he wanted to allow demonstrations near his house. I told him it was not within his authority. I do not break the law. The Supreme Court has ruled not to demonstrate near a public man’s private home. What does he expect? I will make selective enforcement?”

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