Delivery driver drops pizza | Delivery driver drops pizza at customer’s door, fills it back in the box – WATCH

The delivery driver lowered the pizza and then filled it back into the box. | Image credit: YouTube

A delivery driver in Detroit in the U.S. state of Michigan was caught on camera filling pizza back into his box after dropping it outside the customer’s porch. The incident was captured on CCTV camera of Rodney King Jr after ordering a pizza from DoorDash delivery service.

Rodney and his wife decided to order pizza when they didn’t feel like cooking. It so happened that the couple were looking at the security camera at the time of delivery.

CCTV showed the driver walking up to the porch with a pizza in his hands. He was holding the box straight, which is not sure how to carry pizza properly.

“As the boy was walking up to our porch, we saw that he was holding the pizza straight, and from there I knew for a fact that the pizza was outside the box,” he said. Rodney Fox 2.

The driver pulled the box out of the bag and that was the exact moment a disaster struck.

Instead of ringing the door and telling King what had happened, the driver picked up the pizza and filled it back into the box as neatly as he could. He walked away.

“He picked up all the hooks and everything and walked off,” Rodney said, adding that he hoped to apologize or retaliate but did not even receive a call regarding the pizza. , he complained to the delivery service, which caused the driver to lose his job with the company.

“This inappropriate and inappropriate behavior will never be accepted on the DoorDash platform. The dasher involved was immediately removed, and we have been in contact with the person- purchase and refunded the order in full.We are deeply saddened that this event did not take place as short as the experience we are trying to deliver. delivery every day, “DoorDash said in the recitation.