Deadline to close elections Tuesday night

Likud and Blue and White may still reach a compromise to block elections on March 23, sources in all parties said Wednesday. Likud faction chairman Miki Zohar looked at Knesset’s legal advisers to find out what needs to be done to prevent the Knesset from being automatically disbanded if the 2020 state budget is not met. Sources in Blue and White said they were unaware of Zohar’s efforts. They said the only way to hold the government together was for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to pledge to honor the coalition treaty that must be circulated in the Prime Minister’s Office in the United States. November. Foundation Minister Gabi Ashkenazi (Blue and White) interrupted him in a speech. at the Hanukkah lighting ceremony at the West Wall that he wanted the unity government to continue, saying he was “praying in his heart for the unity light. “Waiting now, what we need is a national responsibility,” Ashkenazi said. “We must work for unity and not for division and polarization among our people.” The deadline for passing the 2020 state budget and avoiding early Tuesday night elections is at midnight and not Wednesday night at midnight as originally expected, the Knesset arguments passed Wednesday’s announcement Knesset’s legal advisers thought the 23 December deadline for passing the budget, set out in a bill passed in August, needs to be clarified to refer to its the first minute of that day and not the last second of the day. The bill in August passed the budget deadline by 120 days.

Bringing the date ahead of day will make it even harder for Likud and Blue and White to reach a compromise to block the election. Both parties have reported that no progress has been made in negotiations between them. Blue and White leader Benny Gantz has rejected Likud ‘s request to fire Justice Minister Avi Nissenkorn. He said his party was committed to defending the legal establishment, so that demand would be out of the question. “We should avoid elections and let this government work – with budgets, planning, and appointments to key positions,” Gantz told Eli Hurvitz on Wednesday. Conference on Economy and Society sponsored by the Israeli Institute of Democracy. “I hope the Prime Minister steps up, but I’m ready for elections too.” It seems Likud and Blue and White can’t even unite to set an agenda for a cabinet meeting because a meeting has been set up. to postpone Thursday for the fourth time this week, and when the cabinet meets, exceeding the budget could be on the agenda. be given three more times in the plenum and two more times in the Knesset House Committee to prevent an election being automatically set for Tuesday 23 March.