DC promises that future State is not a ‘Throwaway Event’

Ben Abernathy, Batman group editor for DC Comics, recently confirmed that DC has an upcoming DC event as part of a larger plan for 2021.

DC Comics editor Ben Abernathy called DC State’s upcoming “essential read.”

“Some of this has been mentioned here and there, and it will be very clear in March, however Future state This is not a wasteful event, “Abernathey told CBR recently.” Time is not wasted in any way. It is all part of a plan that we have been working on for some time. “He said,‘ This is not So what …, it is all connected. We have been designing this ever since Tracker # 1027. “

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Abernathy also revealed that the stories were based on Batman Inside Future state arise from Dark Night: Death Metal. In particular, “Tim Fox promoted as The next Batman“and examining what happened to Bruce Wayne and Gotham City pre- and post-masters.

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“Gotham is as much of a character in this series as Bruce Wayne is,” Abernathy continued. “Gotham now has a private police force that has enacted military law on the city, and they are both hunting warriors and liars. Masks were banned in a dark dystopian future, but it’s time a future not far from us. “

Although Abernathy did not provide much about the Batman-centered stories in Future State, he did talk about their different styles and approaches. “Each book has a different flavor and a different adventure and not all of them are set in one moment,” he said. “There is no checklist of books you need to read. Each series has self-contained stories, and Batman and Dark Detective are overrun with backstory stories by unexpected characters, such as Gotham City Sirens, Arkham Knights, the Outsiders and Batgirl. It has been known about the future that fans have seen with the eyes of an eagle. “

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DC future state is a two-month, line-up event starting in January 2021. There will be a mix of monthly and bi-monthly collections in February, as well as a monthly schedule of mines and one-shots with current and upcoming DC heroes.

John Ridley and Nick Derington bring the new Batman into the world Future State: The Next Batman # 1, sold on January 5, 2021, from DC. Ridley is also currently writing DC’s DC Label series, Other World History DC.

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