Danny Hollywood: 8 points for Abdia, Washington stunned the Lakers

Danny Abdia met LeBron James and the Lakers Staples Center Lakers for the first time this morning (Tuesday) from where the Wizards came out with a fifth consecutive and particularly dramatic victory, 124: 127 after overtime on one of the championship favorites (second in a row).

Danny Abdia, who again did not go up in the top five, this time received 22 minutes of parquet, which he used wonderfully in the decisive and dramatic quarter in which he scored all 8 of his points. In addition, the Israeli rookie also added 8 rebounds, 2 assists and a single steal.

And if that wasn’t enough, Abdia scored his first points in a 87:87 situation with a three that actually gave his team a first-half advantage in the crazy game in which the Wizards managed to come out of a 17-point deficit that they carried as a result of unimpressive ability in the last three quarters. With five minutes left in the game, Abdia went down to rest until he went up for the last two attacks of overtime and also there was listed on the last rebound.

In added time, Bradley Bill with another wonderful 33-point game, was in the right place with 4 difficult and crucial points when Russell Westbrook was signed on the move that won the game. At the same time LeBron James missed two of his last two shots.

The statistics show that James finished with 31 points, 13 assists and 9 rebounds, but that was not enough against Russell Westbrook (32 points, 9 assists and 14 rebounds) and Bradley Bill (33 points), who raised their team to 17 points. : 11.