Daniel Ricciardo unveils new ‘All Good All Ways’ helmet

McLaren’s Daniel Ricciardo has unveiled his new helmet for the 2021 season, again introducing a color change.

After two seasons at Renault, the last to see Ricciardo finish on the podium twice, the Australian racer is now turning to McLaren for 2021.

And in keeping with his vibrant designs free of Red Bull restrictions, Ricciardo has delivered another impressive helmet for the new campaign.

The helmet features Ricciardo’s new employer papaya, McLaren, along with various shades of blue.

Ricciardo’s nickname, ‘The Honey Badger’, is placed on the back of the helmet, and on top is the slogan ‘All Good All Ways’, which Ricciardo says represents adoption to everyone, regardless of “race, religion” or “walk of life”, as well as a positive message.

As the new helmet appeared on Instagram, Ricciardo said: “2021 helmet – here it is. It is another Ornamental Conifer design. I’m obsessed with it. This year’s theme was ‘All Good, All Ways’.

“Really twofold: it will always be okay, the sun will always shine, you may have the heights but it is just trying to be positive with anything you do.

“The second part is not no matter where you are from, what kind of life, race, religion, whatever it is… All Good, All the way, everyone is cool.

“We accept it. Everyone loves everyone. I’m obsessed with it, this is what I’m running with this year, I hope you enjoy it. ”

Ricciardo has already said that joining McLaren he felt was the best option if he is to run the first World Championship.

“I think this is my best chance to achieve what I said throughout the goal,” Ricciardo said in an exclusive interview with The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald.

“I never wanted to get to F1 just to get to F1 – I wanted to be a World Champion and I still am. McLaren, with the way they are progressing, feels like the best opportunity for me to be able to do that, probably the best opportunity I’ve had.

“You never know in this sport but I’m sure I’m in the right place. Can I sit here and say I can fight for next year’s World Championships? Who knows, but I feel confident that I am in the right place to give myself a good look.

“You can see McLaren’s path to improvement and I feel McLaren is ready for me to be one of the elements they didn’t have to help them win. ”

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