Cyberpunk 2077 gets another hot bath

A second post-launch patch hits Cyberpunk 2077, fixing more worms causing crashes and stopping quests, among other issues. Hotfix 1.05 was launched on consoles overnight, with the devs saying it would continue “soon” on PC. I don’t see it yet, though. CDPR also offers an interesting note about wanting to support mod makers, though I think they have a lot of other tasks to put off before they reach mod support.

Cyberpunk v1.05 patch notebook fixes for dozens of bugs, including many interrupting quests. In addition, Dum Dum should stop following V around. Crosshairs should stop flirting on screen for ever pushing. AMD Ryzen processors with corals 4 and 6 should run a little better. Processors that do not support AVX instructions should not fall apart at the end of the Prologue either. And the reflections of RTS should be so weird. Ah, there’s a lot, see it for yourself in the notes.

One weird note: “Remove the memory_pool_budgets.csv file”. Some players have been fiddling with numbers there and reporting huge performance gains. But whatever people thought was happening, CDPR says “it was not connected to the last version of the game and had no effect on it (it was a file that was used throughout the development to estimate memory usage.It had no effect on the amount of memory allocated). So why were some people reporting a 50% FPS increase? CDPR states, “The performance increase seen after editing the file may be related to restarting the game.” Huh!

CDPR also says that they have removed the discussion console “to prevent actions that could prevent crashes or quests” – which I think is trying to save people from their own curiosity? Hmm. “This doesn’t mean we don’t want to support the modding community,” they add. “Keep an eye out for more on that.” Mate my eyes go square if I stay sharpening for so long.

“Short” is an obscure start window for the PC piece, but I can tell you that I am still on v1.04 on Steam.

The hotfix doesn’t mention a fun beast I didn’t hear about today: save corrupted files if they become too large, often caused by a lot of crawling. Some people say that savings get slow beyond 6MB and then corrupted beyond 8MB. If you’re curing a lot, make sure you have some safe havens to fall back on. Oh jeez, my save files have already hit 5MB – and I haven’t even grounded the craft skill enough for good gear yet.

Our Cyberpunk 2077 review describes it as a “big, beautiful and broken mess”. It is. Enough until Sony pulled it from the PlayStation Store as they opened a refund. Still, we like it enough to put it on the RPS calendar because it is, at least, a very flexible walking simulator.

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