Covid Covid Mixed Starr Ringo With Rocker Pals to Make an Album

Photographer: Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Ringo Starr has been working from home.

The former Beatle released his latest album on Friday, a five-song package that he aptly named “Zoom In” after the video conferencing service.

Starr made the record last year from his home studio in Beverly Hills, California, under conditions that U.S. virus czar Anthony Fauci may have approved. Accompanied musicians were tested for the coronavirus, and no more than two people at the same time participated. They wore a mask when they arrived and stayed six feet apart.

“It’s a weird way of making a record,” Starr said in an online news conference on Thursday. “But if that’s the only way, you can get on with it.”

The artist, who turned 80 last year, had no problem attracting big names to take part, including Toto’s Dave Grohl, Ben Harper, Jenny Lewis, Sheryl Crow and Steve Lukather. Doors guitarist Robby Krieger recorded his donation from home. The pandemic, which has shut down the concert industry for the past year, has given many musicians free time.

“I think everyone was looking for something to do,” said Starr.

Former Paul McCartney released a record from the December release, which he recorded in his own studio. In McCartney’s case, he played all the instruments.