COVID cases rise high in South Africa: Live News | News pandemic coronavirus

COVID cases rise high in South Africa: Live News |  News pandemic coronavirus

South Africa has registered more than 10,000 cases daily as a surgeon of diseases at an exponential rate, the health minister said. The worst-hit area is the Western Cape in the south, including Cape Town’s tourist destinations and the country’s wine country.

Meanwhile, the Japanese capital of Tokyo has said that the pressure on its medical system from the pandemic, raising the alert level to a maximum of four levels because the daily number of cases spinning to a high of 822.

Earlier, the U.S. set a double record, recording more than 3,700 deaths and more than 250,000 new cases in just 24 hours.

Globally, COVID-19 deaths have exceeded 1.6 million with over 7.4 million infections.

Here are the latest updates:

Sanchez quarantine in Spain after French Macron tests positive for COVID-19

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez will quarantine until Dec. 24 after French President Emmanuel Macron tested for COVID-19, his office has said.

Sanchez and Macron met Monday in Paris.

French President Emmanuel Macron welcomes Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez at the Elysee Palace [Christian Hartmann/Reuters]

COVID-19 vaccines to start across the EU from December 27, Germany says

All European Union member states plan to launch vaccinations against COVID-19 from 27 December, German Health Minister Jens Spahn has said.

“In Germany, if the agreement is reached, we will start on December 27. The other EU countries want to be able to start and they want to start from December 27, “he said ahead of an online meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and members of vaccine manufacturer BioNTech.

As a member of the European Union, it is largely Germany’s duty to wait for the European Medicines Agency (EMA) to approve the vaccine.

EU to order more Pfizer vaccine after earlier rejection of offer

The European Union will accept its option to purchase up to 100 million additional doses of Pfizer and BioNTech COVID-19 vaccines after being denied an opportunity in July for a much larger deal, according to EU officials and an internal document.

The plan comes after some vaccine candidates ordered by the EU to oppose unexpected delays in clinical trials, forcing the bloc and other rich countries to rely on them. now on images from fewer manufacturers than originally planned.

Vietnam begins human trial of coronavirus vaccine

A Vietnamese pharmaceutical company has started testing coronavirus vaccines on volunteers in Hanoi, while developing countries are jumping with richer countries to access affordable inoculations.

Nanogen has Nanocovax as one of four under development in Vietnam, and a company representative said it is expected to cost around $ 5 per dose.

Three volunteers received the injection and will be monitored for 72 hours at the Vietnamese Military Medical University.

Macron of France has testing for COVID-19

President Emmanuel Macron has been positive for COVID-19, France’s main palace said.

“The President of the Republic was positively tested for COVID-19 today,” his office said in a statement. “This diagnosis was made after a PCR test performed at the onset of the first symptoms.”

The boss said he would part for the next seven days.

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President Emmanuel Macron is testing positive for COVID-19 [File:Thomas Coex/AFP]

WHO says Beijing welcomes COVID-19 inspectors’ visit to China

Beijing will welcome an international team of COVID-19 inspectors who are due to travel to China in January, said the World Health Organization (WHO), which is leading the mission.

China has strongly opposed calls for an international investigation into the origins of the coronavirus, saying such calls are against China, but have been open to a WHO-led investigation.

However, it was unclear whether WHO investigators would travel to the city of Wuhan where the virus was first detected, with discussions about the trip continuing.

Penny for a bullet on Friday; Biden next week

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence will be vaccinated for COVID-19 Friday at a public event, the White House has said, and President Joe Biden is expected to get the picture as soon as next week, said Biden’s transfer officer.

Saudi Arabia will launch COVID-19 vaccines

Saudi Arabia launched coronavirus vaccines that the Health Ministry has announced, one day after receiving two vessels of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.

Pictures on al-Ekhbariya TV showed a man and a woman at a medical center in the capital Riyadh receiving the vaccine. Shortly afterwards, Health Minister Tawfiq al-Rabiah received the vaccine.

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Saudi Health Minister Tawfiq Al-Rabiah will receive a dose of coronavirus infection vaccine (COVID-19), in Riyadh [Ahmed Yosri/Reuters]

The Czech Republic’s coronavirus death toll exceeds 10,000

The Czech Republic ‘s total death toll from coronavirus has exceeded 10,000, the Ministry of Health said.

The country recorded 10.7 million, among the hardest in Europe during the second wave of the pandemic of 8,235 new COVID-19 infections on Wednesday, the largest daily total since Nov. 11. Overall, 602,404 infections have been reported since March.

A healthcare worker stands outside the hospital where a voluntary rapid diagnosis campaign for coronavirus infection will take place, in Prague [David W Cerny/Reuters]

Palestinians left waiting because Israel is ready to roll out the vaccine

Israel will begin rolling out a major coronavirus vaccination campaign next week after the prime minister reached out in person to the head of a major drug company. Millions of Palestinians living under Israeli control will have to wait much longer.

Worldwide, rich countries are seizing scarce products of new vaccines as poor countries rely heavily on a WHO program that has not yet begun.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is present at a DHL plane carrying the first batch of Pfizer / BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine [File: Abir Sultan/Reuters]

WHO: Vaccination in Asia-Pacific was expected in mid to late 2021

The World Health Organization has stated that countries in the Asia-Pacific region are not guaranteed early access to COVID-19 strains and has urged them to take a long-term approach to the disease. panoramic.

“Developing safe and effective vaccines is one thing. Another result is to make them in an appropriate size and reach everyone who needs them, ”WHO Regional Director Dr Takeshi Kasai told reporters in Indonesia’s capital , Jakarta.

WHO representatives also urged that high-risk groups should be prioritized for vaccination as vaccines are only available in very small numbers. [Erin Clark/Reuters]

Pakistan records the second deadliest day of coronavirus pandemic

Pakistan has recorded its second deadliest day since the coronavirus, with at least 105 deaths, a Pakistani daily newspaper reported.

The death toll has reached 9,080 since the uprising began in late February.

Sweden is struggling with the second wave

Despite a sharper tone from authorities and new restrictions, Sweden, which has been known to rely on nonviolent measures, is struggling to avoid a second wave of COVID-19 it was supposed to avoid. .

The capital Stockholm is once again at the center of history and this week members of the public were asked to receive medical training to help balance some of the concerns of their health care system.

Certified coronavirus cases in Germany rise to 26,923

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Germany has increased from 26,923 to 1,406,161. The reported death toll rose from 698 to 24,125.

Chilean health regulator approves Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine

The Chilean health regulator has approved the emergency use of COVID-19 vaccines from Pfizer Inc and BioNTech SE, paving the way for the first doses to be delivered as early as Christmas to citizens over 16.

The Institute of Public Health received Pfizer’s application for approval on Nov. 27, and a panel of experts was convened to analyze the vaccine data provided by the U.S. drugmaker.

India records 24,037 new coronavirus cases

India reported 24,037 new coronavirus diseases, bringing its total to 9.96 million, data from the ministry of health have shown.

This is the fourth straight day that daily affairs have remained below 30,000, keeping up with the country’s declining trend of daily cases since they hit a peak of 97,000 one-day infections in September.

India has recorded the second highest number of diseases in the world after the USA.

The U.S. sets new daily records of 3,700 COVID deaths, 250,000 cases

The U.S. has set a double record recording more than 3,700 deaths and more than 250,000 new COVID-19 cases in just 24 hours.

The latest figures push the total number of deaths in the US to more than 307,291.

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People in protective mask walk while snow begins to fall in Times Square during Nor’easter, due to pandemic coronavirus (COVID-19) infection [Jeenah Moon/Reuters]