COVID-19: Twitter promises to censor ‘fake’ tweets about vaccines | Science & Tech News

Twitter has banned anyone who posts “false” information about COVID-19 vaccines.

From next week, the social media platform will prioritize the removal of the “most harmful information of false information”.

And in the coming weeks he will also start recording labels that are thought to give false information about the vital images.

The company said it was totally focused on misleading their platform of false and dubious statements about the vaccine because they believed misleading information displayed the “most harmful the potential for human health and wellbeing ”.

A statement said: “In the context of a global pandemic, public health information presents a growing and challenging challenge – and we all have a role to play.

“Our focus is on mitigating false information that will cause the greatest possible harm to people’s health and wellbeing.

“Twitter has an important role to play as a place for well-intentioned public debate and debate on these public health issues. “

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Last month the social media giant launched modeling tweets from US President Donald Trump in which he claimed that there was fraud in the American election process.

Twitter is warning users if they attempt a controversy-like claim
Twitter has blocked U.S. President’s claims regarding election fraud

At the time Twitter said it was “crucial” that the company provided additional context as to why tweets with false positives, whether those tweets were about the U.S. election or COVID-19.

As a result of that crack, users can no longer retrieve a message that has been labeled for including controversial messages, even though they can tweet those messages, which are ‘they are needed to provide additional context.

Under that policy, Twitter removes tweets that contain erroneous information about it

  • The nature of coronavirus, how it spreads within communities
  • Effectiveness and / or safety of protective measures, treatments or other measures to alleviate or treat the disease
  • Official rules, restrictions or exemptions relating to health councils
  • Frequency or risk of infection or death
Twitter announces breakdown of 'misinformation' about COVID-19 vaccine - and removes tweets going about its policy
Twitter removes all fonts submitted by its new policy

And from Monday 21 December, it can be taken even further by using a “combination of technology and human review” to remove tweets that “promote false or misleading reports” about not just the virus but also the vaccines, including:

  • False claims recommending vaccines and vaccines are used to harm or control populations, including reports of vaccines that deliberately attack conspiracy
  • Widespread claims about the adverse effects or side effects of vaccines
  • False claims that COVID-19 is not true or not bad, so vaccines are not needed