Coronavirus: The Government can lock Purim

The government is considering removing a lock for the upcoming festival of Purim, Commissioner Coronavirus Prof. Nachman Ash told the Hebrew website Ynet on Sunday, ahead of a cabinet meeting that is to discuss the next steps in lifting coronavirus restrictions. As the cabinet was ready to be convened, Chili Tropper’s Minister of Culture and Sport and Health Minister Yuli Edelstein agreed to open. cultural events, museums and libraries under the green passport plan starts on February 23. “As I promised, after the long closure, the world of culture will be one of the first to open under the green passport picture. which we compiled with the Ministry of Health and with the assumption that infection rate data will allow, “Tropper said. “I asked for a date to be set for the opening of the culture business, in preparation for the opening.” The next phase of the exit strategy is expected to include street shops, in addition. in a number of other places where this may be open only to people who have been vaccinated or have been diagnosed with coronavirus, Ash said he hopes to reopen restaurants and cafes in two years. About 3.8 million Israelis have received at least the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine since Sunday morning, and about 2.5 million of them have already been admitted twice – full immunity is expected to kick off in seven days after the second injection, when the green passport is expected to be issued to people. 1,869 new cases of the novel coronavirus were reported in Israel on Saturday, with 7.8% of around 25,000 tested ‘return deimhi according to an update Sunday morning by the Ministry of Health. The data are not considered particularly important due to the small number of trials administered during Shabbat.

Of those infected, 1,008 were in poor condition and 284 on ventilators. The death toll rose to 5,368.