Corona Vaccines: 10 Common False Claims

After long months of waiting – Corona vaccines have been completed And distributed to many countries in the world. Thus, humanity is taking another step towards eradicating the corona plague that has killed nearly 1.6 million people and infected more than 70 million. However, and despite Strict testing procedure undergone Pfizer and Modern vaccines Pointing to the highest efficacy and safety ever documented in vaccines, vaccine-resistant groups continue to sow terror on social media to prevent vaccines. It should be noted that in the case of the corona plague, refusing to get vaccinated endangers those around us.
Social network giants like Facebook and Twitter, Have already announced that they will remove False publications about vaccines, But the propaganda that causes quite a few people to fear corona vaccines continues. Various surveys show that about 40 percent of Israelis will not be vaccinated, although more and more medical and science experts are convinced of the safety of the new vaccines.

The Israeli doctor who approved Pfizer’s vaccine in an interview: “The vaccine is safe”

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“Pike News has always been there, but with social media it’s flourishing even more,” explains Dr. Lior Unger, a neurosurgeon who fights vaccine refusals and even initiated the “Vaccinated” project – kindergartens where only vaccinated children are admitted. The lies, followed by those that resonate with the false information. The lies are spread like a plague. ”

“Basic human thinking is the thinking of patterns, and Pike News distributors use basic tools that make us believe false information,” explains Dr. Unger. We tend to accept this as absolute truth. The disseminators of false news have become artists in exploiting the weak point of the human brain, and so are the number of people who receive false information as absolute truth.

“To fight back against false information both in the context of vaccines and any other issue requires a combination of forces between social network operators, and we see buds for this when restrictions on spreading lies begin. Freedom of expression is not an invitation to spread false information that harms society. People who spread false information “In order to harm society, you have to pay for their actions and stand trial. If people who spread lies are prosecuted, there is a chance that this will change.”

Vaccine Vaccines UK Corona PfizerVaccine Vaccines UK Corona Pfizer

Tested on hundreds of thousands of people around the world: Pfizer’s corona vaccines

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1. Vaccines penetrate DNA and alter personality
It is important to clarify thatCorona vaccines do not change anything in the living cell. Pfizer and modern vaccines, like other vaccines on the way, are based on lab-assembled mRNA technology, whose function is to command the muscle cell into which the vaccine is injected to produce a corona-shell-like protein shell, so that the body produces neutralizing antibodies against it. The mRNA molecule is destroyed in the body within a few hours of being injected, it does not penetrate the nucleus of cells where the DNA resides, and does not change anything in an existing cell.

2. The genetic material in the vaccine causes cancerous growths
Corona vaccines do not contain genetic material. The mRNA molecule does not affect the genetic system in the body, it has a very short lifespan of a few hours, and does not increase the risk of cancer.

3. Corona vaccines cause death
Recently, several obituaries of Israelis who allegedly died after being vaccinated were published. Beyond the fact that no corona vaccine has yet been given in Israel, there is no evidence that the vaccines cause death.

A Pfizer study, out of 43,000 vaccinated people during a 10-month study period, documented 6 deaths – none of which were related to the vaccine. The first four deaths were among people who received a sham vaccine, meaning they were in fact not vaccinated for corona, and the remaining two were adults who died of heart attacks. As mentioned, all tests showed that no association was found between the vaccine and mortality.

Pike News CoronaPike News Corona

Pike News: The Corona vaccine does not change DNA, and has not yet been distributed in the country


4. Corona vaccines have not been adequately tested
Pfizer & Modern’s technology has been experienced for eight years. The companies have conducted hundreds of experiments, some of them in humans, on many vaccines based on this technology. The mRNA method has been found to be safe and non-hazardous, both in animal and human experiments.

Moreover, so far more than 70,000 people have been vaccinated with the corona vaccine of the two companies in the studies themselves. In the UK, over 140,000 people have been vaccinated in the past week, and in the United States thousands of people have been vaccinated in recent days, a record number on any scale of vaccine development, which provides full confidence in vaccine safety.

5. Corona vaccines have infected people with HIV
This myth was invented last week, following a report of a corona vaccine being developed in Australia whose trials were stopped after it led to a false positive HIV test among vaccinators. In the case described, people who were vaccinated with the vaccine came for HIV testing, and received a positive answer even though they were not infected with the AIDS virus. The reason for this is still unknown, and the study was suspended.

Either way, corona vaccines do not cause infection, not even AIDS. Moreover: Pfizer’s vaccine has also been tested on HIV carriers and AIDS patients, and has been found to be highly effective and safe.

6. Vaccine companies hide the real information from the public
All the complete information, about each phase of the vaccine trial, appears extensively on the FDA website and the vaccine companies’ websites, so that all the information regarding the vaccine is transparent and accessible to the public.

Despite the rapid approval of Pfizer vaccines, they met the most stringent standards and were approved by the world’s most stringent vaccine approval body, the FDA. Since then, the vaccine has received over 200,000 people worldwide, a record amount, which leads to further confirmation that the vaccine is safe for use in humans, and also extremely effective.

Pike News CoronaPike News Corona

(Guy Murad to Yedioth Ahronoth)

All the studies of the big companies – Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson and Astraznica – were of the “double blind” type, in which neither the researchers nor the vaccinators knew who was getting the real vaccine and who was taking the placebo (dummy vaccine). Each vaccine has passed the 3 required stages from the first stage is the safety stage, through stage 2 which included thousands of subjects and stage 3 which included tens of thousands of subjects.

7. Corona vaccines are designed to implant chips in humans
This rumor has been running on the net for several months, claiming that the vaccines were developed by technology and cyber companies, which aim to implant through the injections tiny chips that will track people. This is a rumor that has grown wings: A poll conducted last May in the US among 1,640 people showed that 28% of respondents do believe this rumor. Among Republicans surveyed, 44% believed that the person behind the conspiracy was Bill Gates.

Of course, this is a rumor that has no dawn. Vaccines do not contain chips, and no corona vaccine is intended to track humans or implant foreign bodies within them.

Pike News CoronaPike News Corona

Pike News Corona

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8. Corona vaccines are contagious by the corona virus
Pfizer and Moderna’s corona vaccines, like the other vaccines many of us received as children and enlisted in the military, do not contain any virus. Pfizer and Modernana vaccines contain a synthetic mRNA molecule. In addition, the vaccines do not infect any disease, neither viral nor otherwise.

Other vaccines, such as that of the Israel Biological Institute and the Sputnik 5 vaccine of Russia, contain a viral vector – a virus that does not cause disease in humans, and carries the protein that will cause the formation of antibodies. These vaccines also do not cause any disease in humans. The viruses themselves are also “silenced” in the laboratory so that they have no ability to replicate in the human body.

9. Corona vaccines cause brain damage
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control last year reviewed all of the world’s existing vaccines, in a 30-year review. The findings show that in the U.S. alone, vaccines have saved the lives of 732,000 people in the U.S. and prevented over 300 million children from getting sick. Nearly 90% of vaccine side effects were non-severe.

The myth of a brain injury began following a false study by a British doctor named Ando Wakefield, who published a scam article in the Lancet magazine claiming that vaccines cause autism. It was later revealed that he had lied, and that there was no connection between vaccines and autism. Wakefield’s medical license was revoked, and the false article was removed from the archives of the reputed medical journal. Today it is already clear that vaccines, including corona vaccines, do not cause brain damage, nor do they affect the nervous system.

10. The vaccines will cause side effects years after receiving the injection
This is perhaps the main concern of those who refuse to receive corona vaccines: the fear of late side effects. The FDA addressed this week, stating that from the vast knowledge accumulated about all existing vaccines in the world, from all past decades – all side effects, if any, occurred in the first few weeks after receiving the vaccine, so there is no fear of late side effects.

To date, corona vaccines have been tested for 10 months, and mRNA technology has been tested in humans for eight years. The side effects were all mild, and included redness and pain at the injection site, fever, muscle aches, weakness, and in isolated cases diarrhea. All side effects passed within two days. These side effects are not indicative of disease, but of a powerful immune response to Pfizer and modern vaccines that also indicate the high efficacy of vaccines in creating the required protection.