Corona vaccine: Before everyone else, Prime Minister Netanyahu was vaccinated tonight

The vaccination campaign is underway: After long months the light at the end of the tunnel is already here and tonight (Saturday) the population vaccination campaign against the corona virus, also known as the “give shoulder” operation, officially began. The first to get the vaccine was Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Who did it live. Immediately after the prime minister was vaccinated Health Minister Yuli Edelstein. Tomorrow morning is expected to get the vaccine as well President Reuven (Ruby) Rivlin.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu receives the vaccine for Corona. Photo: TPS

Before receiving the vaccine, Netanyahu said: “This is a very exciting moment for the citizens of Israel, the grandchildren who want to hug Grandpa, for the business owners who want to go back to work, we can go back to eating in restaurants, going to football, returning the country to what it was. After receiving the vaccine, the prime minister said: “This is a small step for a person, a big step for the health of us all.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu before receiving the vaccine in Corona (Photo: YouTube screenshot)Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu before receiving the vaccine in Corona (Photo: YouTube screenshot)

Chairman of the State Audit Committee, MK Ofer Shelach He will also be vaccinated against the corona virus tomorrow, when he arrives with the committee to prepare for the Maccabi Health Fund’s vaccination complex in Herzliya, which will open at the Air Force.

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When Prime Minister Netanyahu and Health Minister Edelstein arrived at the vaccination complex at Sheba Hospital, the prime minister gave a brief statement and said, “This is a big day for Israel, everyone needs to get vaccinated.”

Yuli Edelstein gets vaccinated (Photo: Jorge Novominsky, GPO)Yuli Edelstein gets vaccinated (Photo: Jorge Novominsky, GPO)

CEO of Clalit Health Fund, Professor Ehud Dodson Said tonight that “vaccines have proven to be effective and safe. A vaccine can change the reality we have been experiencing in recent months and restore our routine.”

“So far, Clalit has received about 30,000 appointments for the vaccine,” added the fund’s director general, who said that in the first week, 20 vaccine complexes will operate in the community and hospitals, and later they will be expanded according to the rate of vaccine supply from the Ministry of Health.

Clalit's corona vaccine complex (Photo: Avi Cohen)Clalit’s corona vaccine complex (Photo: Avi Cohen)

Inside such, MK Yulia Malinowski Demanded a public and transparent hearing in the Corona Committee, which would detail the safety and effectiveness of the vaccines. According to her, vaccinations are important and necessary, but in the case of the Corona, “the procedure was expedited, the political situation is complicated and it seems that going to the polls at any moment, the vaccine should be discussed publicly and transparently.”

“The role of the government was to hold such a debate, which would have contributed greatly to public information. Edelstein, who previously fought in the opposition for civil rights, changed as soon as he reached a ministerial position. He was the first to demand the public hearing,” the MK continued. According to her, the Minister of Health chooses to do politics, forgetting what the principles of freedom of expression and the right to vote are. “The very fact that the government has not held a hearing with questions and answers that will be transparent to the public and that it is trying to demonize voices that demand it, makes citizens even more suspicious,” Malinowski concluded.