Corona patients are at higher risk for stroke than influenza patients

A study presented at the International Conference of the American Stroke Association found that corona patients are at higher risk for stroke compared to inpatients due to similar viral diseases like the flu.

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When the corona plague broke out, medical experts estimated that it was a disease that only affected the airways. Today it is known to significantly damage other body systems including the heart, blood vessels and brain. The new study is based on data analysis of about 20,000 Americans hospitalized for corona in hospitals during 2020. The researchers focused on examining the risk of stroke.

Findings: Out of 20,000 patients, 281 had a stroke – of which 148 had an ischemic stroke, seven had a transient stroke and 127 had a stroke as a result of a cerebral hemorrhage or other type of stroke not specified in the medical record. Among the injured are also young patients.

Stroke cases, according to this database, were more common among older people and among patients with type 2 diabetes (44%) as well as among patients with hypertension – two background diseases. More men had a stroke – 64% compared to women among corona patients. Corona patients who had a stroke stayed longer in the hospital and were at higher risk of mortality, compared with Corona patients who did not have a stroke.

The study’s authors noted that the mechanism behind a stroke in corona patients was not yet fully understood.