Conquerors in Love: The Successful “Couples” of Football

Dean Fellow 14/02/2021 14:34


The best “couples” in the world (Reuters)

One footballer, excellent as he may be, is often not enough to take one team to the top. Sometimes two is not enough either, but if there is a pair of stars who have played together for a while, know each other well and are coordinated on the pitch, they can definitely carry a club to the top. On Valentine’s Day, ONE with the 10 most successful “pairs” in world football today.

Killian Ambape and Neymar

When you think of the “relationship” that has been around for many years in world football, the names of the Paris Saint-Germain stars immediately pop up. The Frenchman and Brazilian are unhappy with the defenses of the French league and last season came close to winning the Champions League, but were stopped by the formidable Bayern in the final. Will they break up in the summer? time will tell.

Killian Ambape celebrates with Neymar (Reuters)Killian Ambape celebrates with Neymar (Reuters)

Leo Messi and Antoine Griezmann

After last season Flea did magic mostly with Luis Suarez, it seems that this season his coordination with the Frenchman has improved, and Barcelona are benefiting from the expensive acquisition. The talk about the two not getting along is just not true, when after each gate everyone comes to greet each other, and they also cook for each other quite a bit.

Antoine Griezmann celebrates with Leo Messi (Reuters)Antoine Griezmann celebrates with Leo Messi (Reuters)

Thomas Muller and Robert Lewandowski

The veteran Bayern Munich players swept it to the treble last season and are leading Hans Gleek’s oiled machine this season as well. The Pole does not stop conquering and tears nets in front of every opponent that comes in front of him, the German focuses mainly on cooking for his friend and the rest of the team, and the two lead the Bundesliga, also in the table.

Robert Lewandowski and Thomas Mueller Celebrate (Reuters)Robert Lewandowski and Thomas Mueller Celebrate (Reuters)

Harry Kane and Young Min Son

The fruitful collaboration between the two may not have brought Tottenham to the top of the Premier League, but it has undoubtedly made it one of the most exciting teams on the continent. The Englishman with 11 assists (most of them Lesson) and 13 goals in the Premier League (21 in total this season), the Korean also contributed 13 goals in the Premier League and added six assists and 12 in all competitions. The climax of the collaboration came in the monstrous 1: 6 over Manchester United at Old Trafford.

Jung Min Sun celebrates with Harry Kane (Reuters)Jung Min Sun celebrates with Harry Kane (Reuters)

Luis Suarez and Joao Felix

After Atletico Madrid’s Portuguese striker last season did not show his full potential, in 2020/21 they brought him Luis Suarez, and the two show fruitful cooperation on the pitch and blind coordination. The Uruguayan is flourishing in the Colchoneros uniform and is the king of goals for the team and the league, perhaps on the way to the championship, but the young talent alongside him has become a more diverse and mostly more dangerous player.

Luis Suarez and Joao Felix Celebrate (La Liga)Luis Suarez and Joao Felix Celebrate (La Liga)

Lautro Martinez and Romulo Lukaku

Two of the best strikers in Italy showed a fruitful collaboration last season, but after failing to win the championship, it seems that the overlap season has only contributed and now Inter have become one of the top candidates to win, with the two cooking for each other and never ceasing to conquer. The Narazuri rarely lose this season and show the best attack in Serie A thanks to the two.

Lautro Martins celebrates with Romulo Lukaku (Reuters)Lautro Martins celebrates with Romulo Lukaku (Reuters)

Cristiano Ronaldo and Albero Murata

Since CR7 came to Juventus, his collaboration with Paolo Dybala has not worked so well, and the Argentine has suffered a lot. Once they brought the Spaniard to the Portuguese phenomenon, who also collaborated with him during their time at Real Madrid, the two flourished. Murata’s adaptation in the Italian championship was great and he did not stop cooking goals for number 7, who does not need more than that to love his partner for the attack.

Albero Murata and Cristiano Ronaldo (Reuters)Albero Murata and Cristiano Ronaldo (Reuters)

Marcus Rashford and Bruno Fernandez

The Manchester United Englishman has raised his level this season, the Portuguese acquisition exceeds all expectations and leads the teams, and together they managed to put the Red Devils in first place in the Premier League this season, something that has not happened since Alex Ferguson left. It is true that Ola Gunnar Solskjaer’s team no longer looks like a candidate for the championship, but these two will make sure in the coming years that the team stays in the top.

Bruno Fernandez and Marcus Rashford (Reuters)Bruno Fernandez and Marcus Rashford (Reuters)

John Stones and Ruben Diaz

Unlike the other pairs, these are defensive players. The two are simply sweeping Manchester City to the English Championship, with Pep Guardiola’s side showing the best defense in the Premier League with just 14 assists, the vast majority in the first rounds the team has stuttered, before bringing in the Portuguese acquisition brake.

John Stones and Ruben Diaz Celebrate (Reuters)John Stones and Ruben Diaz Celebrate (Reuters)

Luca Modric and Tony Cross

The link also deserves representation, and how can one forget the pair of players who lead the midfield of Real Madrid. The two, also this season, are the key players of Zinedine Zidane in the Blancos, and their tremendous ability together in the middle has brought the Spanish champions three consecutive Champions League wins. That they will never end.

Luca Modric and Tony Cross (La Liga)Luca Modric and Tony Cross (La Liga)
Barcelona celebrates on Alabs with a huge 1: 5