Condell Medical Center to suspend COVID-19 vaccine after reports of ‘reactions’

LIBERTYVILLE, Ill. – Candidate Aurora Health, a health care system in Wisconsin and Illinois, said on Friday it had stopped COVID-19 vaccines after health care workers received “reactions” from a Pfizer image.

Four team members at Advocate Condell Medical Center in Libertyville, Illinois, were experiencing “high and high heart rate,” according to a press release. The center ‘s vaccination program is temporarily suspended while experts investigate.

“These four team members represent less than 0.15% of the approximately 3,000 who have so far received vaccinations across Aurora Health Advocate. At this time, we can share three team members at home and doing well, and one is receiving additional treatment, “Advocate Aurora Health said in a statement.

They explained that side effects are an expected side effect of a vaccine, and they are still encouraging others to get the vaccine to stop a pandemic coronavirus infection.

“These vaccines are very protective, meaning they stimulate a strong immune response, so it seems that if you have symptoms after a vaccination, your body responds well to the vaccine, “Dr. Grace Lee, a pediatric infectious disease physician at Stanford, told KGO-TV for a Dec. 15 report.

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Three of the staff are doing well at home and a fourth is receiving additional treatment.

Vaccinations at all other Aurora Health Candidate locations in Illinois and Wisconsin are continuing without delay, according to the statement.

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