Companies fall YouTuber David Dobrik amid ‘Vlog Squad’ rape allegations


David Dobrik, who is on YouTube, loses profit company funding after a woman told him Inside filming a funny video overnight she says was kidnapped by a member of his “Vlog Squad” in 2018.

Key facts

Hello Fresh, General Mills, EA Sports and DoorDash, have terminated their partnerships with Dobrik, the companies confirmed Forbes, while Club Shave Dollar and Audible announced Inside they were also releasing Dobrik as a result of the allegations.

The woman said anonymously, who was 20 at the time Inside that members of the “Vlog Squad,” a group of friends who film content with Dobrik for his channel, made her drink to the point where she was incompetent.

The woman, whose friends followed Dobrik, accuses Dominykas Zeglaitis, who goes by the name Durte Dom, of raping her during group sex when she was “erased” and not she could have given consent at the time.

In a vlog uploaded by Dobrik titled “DON’T HAVE ANY INFORMATION WITH THE COUNTRY !!,” Vlog Squad members are seen trying to look into the room during the attack. accused of happening and joking about Zeglaitis being horrified by the woman.

Dobrik’s video gained 5 million views before it was taken down at the request of the woman, and by 2019 Zeglaitis said he would stop appearing in Dobrik videos to follow his own projects.

Dobrik apologized in a video on Tuesday where he said that “permission is extremely, extremely important” when filming for his channel and that he has chosen to distance himself from Zeglaitis and other friends because he does not. it “stands for misconduct of any kind.”

Quote Cruise

“There are times when I look back on videos and I realize that these are no longer representative of me and they hurt other people and I don’t want them because I’ve grown as a content creator. and as a person I do not agree with some of the videos I have submitted, ”Dobrik said in his apology video.

Key background

Dobrik first gained fame for the now-defunct Vine short video sharing app, but since then it has risen to the levels of internet influencers on YouTube and TikTok. Forbes confirming that Dobrik was among the highest paid YouTube stars last year, earning $ 15.5 million driven by major brand partnerships. Now, Dobrik’s business empire is expanding to the Dispo photo-sharing app, which raised money from VC Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian Seven Seven and acclaimed investors Sofia Vergara and The Chainsmokers.

What do you look

SeatGeek, one of Dobrik’s most famous supporters, reported Inside it was “an internal review of how we want to proceed.”