Church runs vaccination clinic, leaders tell people not to jump in

Shortly after 1pm on Friday, March 19, the 400th COVID-19 vaccine was given at New Big Birth Church.

Church leaders encouraged people not to take the plunge.

“Having personal experience of it and going through it. I don’t want anyone in our community not to have to suffer,” Bishop RJ Burt said.

The bishop is a survivor of COVID-19. He is urging those in the 10 most vulnerable zip codes to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

“It is important and vital that we want to ensure that our people are safe,” he said.

On Friday, the Great New Birth Church on the northwest side of the city switched to the COVID-19 vaccination site for a one-day event only.

“People are coming in. They’re signing up. They’re filling in their forms. They’re taking a chair and they’re being kept informed of what’s going to happen,” the council said. Minister Debra Harris Jones.

Pastor Debra Harris Jones

More than a thousand doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccines were available.

“This is happening as one of the highest risk communities, which is why we are very excited to be co-hosting with Greater New Birth,” said Michele Lebourgeois of Milwaukee Health Services.

The community turned out a lot. By evening, the 400 vaccine had been administered.

The city’s Health Commissioner says talks are already underway for a second incident.

“It’s a perfect place, it’s a great partnership,” said Health Commissioner Kirsten Johnson.

FOX6 spoke to a couple who were getting the bullet.

“I’m getting over it but it feels good,” said Charlika Harrison.

They encouraged others to get their doses as well.

“Believe in your faith to be strong, it’s better to be safe than sorry,” Bob Harrison said.

On Monday, North and South Region high schools will have their next community sites.