China to protect ‘major groups’ against coronavirus over winter, official World News says

China is expected to start vaccinating against COVID-19 over the winter and spring among “key groups”, and then move on to the general population, according to a high health officer Saturday.

China National Health Commission (NHC) Zeng Yixin and director of the State Council vaccine R&D working group. The officer warned that the number of cases was under pressure due to falling temperatures, for fear that the tax would go up.

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“During the winter and spring seasons, the uptake of modern coronavirus vaccination among some key population groups is critical to the prevention of epilepsy,” he said at a briefing.

The first case of COVID-19 was detected in Wuhan, in the Chinese province of Hubei, and since then the country has tried to build herd immunity against the virus.

It seeks to recruit high-risk organizations as employees in the cold chain industry, healthcare, customs, public transport and markets.

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China says this is the first part of a “step-by-step program”, according to the official. So far the country has two candidate vaccines – one from Sinopharm, and the other from Sinovac Biotech Ltd as part of the emergency use authority for the vaccines earlier in July. It had targeted organizations most at risk from disease, including health care workers and border inspectors.

In addition to those, China has approved another vaccine for the use of weapons. This one is from CanSino Biologics Inc., and has not been approved for use among the general public.

The NHC official in charge of China’s coronavirus vaccination team – Zheng Zhongwei had said that China had given more than a million emergency doses of COVID-19 to people from high-risk groups since July, and that “ adverse effects ”seen so far.

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“For the vaccines where we are moving very fast, the number of cases required for the interim phase of Phase III clinical trials has already been obtained,” Zheng said. specify which results.

Chinese authorities have submitted vaccine data to a medical products regulator, which is to approve the vaccines once they meet all the conditions, he said.