Chester Zoo ‘relieved’ at planned reopening date – but estimate loss of revenue of £ 11.5m

Zoo Chester bosses have said they estimate a £ 11.5million loss of revenue due to the lockout, but said they are “relieved” at a planned opening date.

On Monday, Boris Johnson announced in his roadmap plan to end locking, that outdoor conditions such as zoos could open on April 12th.

The four-step plan provides guidance on how we come out of the Covid-19 restrictions, but the Prime Minister stressed that any build-up of restrictions will be based on data and not deadlines.

In a statement to CheshireLive, Jamie Christon, chief operating officer at Chester Zoo, said several months of closures had had a “significant impact” on the zoo.

He said visitor ticket sales make up 97% of the charity’s revenue and so they are currently “relieved” they now have a planned date to work. to reopen. “

Jamie said: “It is undeniable that the several months of closure have had a huge impact on our charity zoo.

“Visitor ticket sales make up 97% of our revenue so we are delighted to now have a planned date to work to reopen our 125 acres of gardens. sociological, so that we can continue to disappear. “

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The head of Chester Zoo said with any financial help from the government, the draw was worth £ 11.5million in losses due to a lockout.

He said: “If we can indeed reopen our safe outdoor spaces at the earliest proposed date of 12 April then, without access to specific government support funding, our wildlife charity looks at an estimated loss of £ 11.5million.

“For now, and even though our gates are closed, public support remains our way of life in the form of membership, animal adoption and donations – we are very grateful.”

Boris Johnson said that until a lockout expires on the dates that the government could issue, conditions must be met at all stages of the plan.

These conditions are:

The coronavirus vaccination program continuing to design.

Evidence shows that vaccines significantly reduce the number of people who die of the virus or need hospital treatment

Infection rates do not risk an increase in hospital

New variables the virus does not fundamentally alter the risk of building blockades

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