Check out some of the highlights of this update

Cyberpunk is back with another new patch update and a number of issues and fixes have been addressed to enhance the gaming experience. Although not all patch notes have been released yet, players have been able to see changes with police spawning behavior, speed and sensitivity of vehicle steering and more. Continue reading the article to find out about the known changes and release date of Cyberpunk 2077 patch 1.2.

Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.2

  • Dodging equipment
    • One of the features that is going to be modified and made better is the dodging method. Pressing a key on the PC to start dodging can now be turned off and this will help avoid accidental coming.
  • The issue of police seeding behavior has been addressed
    • Previously the police would spawn on top of the players they wanted. Now this update will reduce the problem of spawning NPCs at the back of the players. This will make it likely that it will take some time for police to arrive at the scene of the crime following a report.
    • There will also be a re-drone that gives the impression that the police are monitoring the crime scene first.
  • Directional speed and sensitivity
    • Most players had problems with vehicle steering speed and this was more pronounced on the PC or platforms that gave lower frame rates. Because of this, it was difficult to keep cars on the road and avoid letting them get out of control.
    • For this, the update will bring the Management Awareness slider into the options menu. Now this will have little effect on the maximum steep radius and the players will be able to slow down the steering speed for all vehicles in the game.
    • The steering speed is now going to be fairly consistent from 20 to 60+ FPS.
  • Rock & Roll for racers
    • The player vehicles are often intercepted at various locations in the Night City. Now this update will add a feature called Unstuck that will be started when the player vehicle is at one position and accelerating.
    • For this, just hold down the accelerator and you will be able to rotate it forwards or backwards and also you will be able to turn it around left / right.