Charlotte Crosby features transformation of buildings that collapse with jaws before and after snaps

Geordie Shore legend Charlotte Crosby has renamed her “Crosby Manor” home after a major interior alteration.

Charlotte has been joking since the summer about the work that has been going on in her home on the outskirts of Sunderland, and with a lot of work now ready she is ready for the results. last show.

She first moved into the house in 2016, but has moved around a bit since then, shaking up with Josh Ritchie in the northwest.

But after they broke up, she moved back to her own house and has been living there with her boyfriend videographer Liam Beaumont ever since before the first lock out.

Charlotte’s home has undergone a major renovation

The biggest transformation is the kitchen, Charlotte dividing before and after snaps.

Her new kitchen is divided by a few steps in the center of the room, a large island of clean cut marble and wood dominating the venue.

Charlotte clearly follows an ultra-modern design, opting for simple but elegant decor including double ovens, double door fridges and low hanging lights.

The kitchen has changed a lot

Charlotte and Liam are hunted down in the sprawling building

To the side, we get a view of a hut built into the wall, where she has the kitchen table.

“Where I even started, my kitchen is literally filled with so much joy and delight thanks to @durhamkitchensandbathrooms transforming like nothing else,” she leaked on Instagram.

Excerpts from her Crosby Manor account show how the cottage came to be, the area decorated from a series of plastic windows to an elegant sofa chair – and a real Christmas – decorated with fur rugs.

Her home has an elegant, modern style

Charlotte and Liam’s relationship was strengthened through the first lock

In another, we see how her staircase was transformed from a Mediterranean style into one other beautiful art crawling up the walls.

And she gets into the Christmas spirit too, matching the classic vibe of the home with a classically decorated tree.

Charlotte recently told The Mirror that her relationship with Liam is going from strength to strength thanks to such close proximity.

“I thought the first lock was amazing to be honest,” she said.

“Liam and I had been up to hurdle after hurdle after hurdle before – but after spending that time together it made us so resilient.”