Charlie Chaplin, Givat Halfon, Gil Shochat, Dafna Dekel and … the mayor – on one stage in the morning, exposure of the variety of events and performances expected for Rehovot Hall of Culture subscribers in the coming year

This morning: a taste of the next subscription season at the Heichal Hatarbut, with exposure to the music, singing, musical and dance performances that are expected to take place on the stage next season * The next subscription season presents a variety of series in all areas, and will open in September * * One of the best cultural facilities in Israel, there is no reason to go out of town to consume culture. We bring all the variety here “*

On Friday morning, 05.07.19, a “morning exposure” was held at Beit Ha’am Rehovot – the municipal cultural hall, where the spectators received a “taste” of what awaits them in the series of the 2020-2019 subscription season. The event was attended by the mayor, Rahamim Malul, the holder of the cultural portfolio, Oded Amram, the acting CEO of the municipal society, Itzik Ovadia, and hundreds of spectators who filled the Beit Ha’am – the Municipal Hall of Culture by word of mouth.

The morning opened with a solemn reception in the foyer.

The mayor then opened the event. The video produced especially for this morning was also screened on stage.

On stage, some of the performances of the following season were performed:

• Moshe Ashkenazi and Kobi Maor, actors in the musical “Givat Halfon Ina Ona”, which opens the season of subscribers, appeared in an excerpt from it.

• Dafna Dekel, Ofri Bitterman and Avi Greinik performed songs from the musical “Zeppelin” which will be performed at the auditorium in September. The musical, which is based on the story of Charlie Chaplin’s incredible life, will be performed in the auditorium as part of the new series, the musical series, “Tonight a Musical.”

• Gil Shochat presented the popular series, under his artistic direction, conducting and playing. “When the classic meets the pop.” A series that brings together the leading classical music artists of today to the well-known rock-pop artists in Israel and the series “Masterpiece Performance for Eternal Works”, a series about the greatest works in musical history, in performances that made them a myth.

• Eric Davidov – presented his successful series “The Virtues of Eric Davidov” and the season with the big voices from Italy, France and Broadway.

• The dance group “Fresco” presented excerpts from its new dance show “Genderocity”

The event also featured the Mendel family’s lineup – Dorit Reuveni, her husband Yankele Mendel and their three musician children, who will perform in the hall in a new series “Friday in the Living Room”, a guest series “in the Living Room” for a musical and friendly meeting with friends and guests from diverse and current affairs.

To purchase a subscription: Tel. 08-9232200

Mayor, Rahamim Malul:

“I welcome this morning, which allows for a ‘tasting.’ Residents of Rehovot have always been consumers of culture, but until the establishment of the Municipal Hall of Culture, they were forced to consume it outside the city. Now that we have one of the best facilities in Israel, there is no reason to go out of town to consume culture – we bring here all the most up-to-date and high-quality variety. We are glad that you trust us and fill the temple, and for that we thank you. “

Council member Oded Amram, holder of the culture portfolio:

“I call on the residents of Rehovot to come and be impressed by all the events, performances and performances at the Hall of Culture. Culture is an important anchor in the city and it is here for you, come here – this house is for you “

Shuki Kromer, CEO of Beit Ha’am – Municipal Hall of Culture:

* We were happy to see the high response to the morning of the exposure, and the desire to get to know and taste from the repertoire we prepared for the subscribers for the season. We present subscribers with a variety of special series of performances – music, dance, lectures, cinema and more, in addition to the best plays, musicals and other events. “