Caspar Yulmand, Denmark coach: “There is no doubt that Israel will make it difficult for us”

On Thursday, the Israeli team will host the Danish team for the opening game of the 2022 World Cup qualifying campaign.

Before the departure of the Reds coach, Caspar Yulmand convened a trip and told about his feelings and the struggle that awaits him and his trainees. “Austria at a level equal to ours in my opinion. “She has stars who play in the Bundesliga and a lot of good players around them,” he said.

On the encounter with Israel, he said: “Israel has an Austrian coach and a lot of talent, especially in the front. Many think we will skip them, but if you look at the results and ability they showed in previous games, it is a good team, even if not in the European top.

On Eriksen: “Christian has been an important player for us for a long time, both on and off the pitch. He is the pace and heart of the team when we play, but he is also basic off the pitch. He is an important player we welcome on the team, his presence is good news.”