Canada sends astronaut Artemis II to Moon

Canadian Space Agency President Lisa Campbell signs Lunar Gate Treaty. Photo: Canadian Space Agency

Luxembourg, 17 December 2020. – Canada will send an astronaut to the Moon in 2023, the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) has announced.

Canada and the U.S. space agency NASA have signed the Gateway Treaty, a landmark agreement that confirms Canada ‘s participation in the next major international collaboration in space exploration, the Lunar Gateway space station said, the CSA said.

Under the Treaty, “Canada will be part of the mission of Artemis II, the first crew mission to the Moon since 1972. Launched in 2023, this mission sets Canada up to make history as a second country. for an astronaut to travel to deep space and fly around the Moon. The Charter also guarantees a second flight for an astronaut from Canada to the Lunar Gate, ”said CSA.