Burned by the stock market? Consider these 4 ETFs instead

It can feel reasonable to invest your extra money in the latest hot stock, which is the risky part: Just because it feels right doesn’t make it the best use of your money. This is not to say that you cannot spend your money however you want. But it’s worth considering the congested risks associated with every investment you choose.

If you bought, for example Tesla at the recent high of nearly $ 900 per share, you might be disappointed to lose about a third of its value in just a few weeks. If you bought trading currencies (ETFs), on the other hand, you would be able to spread risk across many companies, leaving you open to key businesses without the aggressive volatility.

Here, we browse four of the most interesting ETFs and their basic investment dissertations.

1. Innovative Technology Israel ETF

ARK Investment Management – Cathie Wood’s company – offers a unique opportunity to invest in one of the world’s most innovative countries with the Innovative Israel ETF technology (NYSEMKT: IZRL). The fund targets Israeli companies at the forefront of medicine, technology, digital advertising and logistics. It is no coincidence that Israel has come out of the pandemic with flying colors: About 90% of their population over the age of 50 have already been vaccinated , and about half of their population has received at least one vaccine. In short, this ETF is a convenient way to tap into Israel’s innovative potential.

2. SPDR S&P Kensho Final Frontiers ETF

It’s been about a month since NASA’s permanence landed on Mars, and while it may be a while before humanity creates a livable colony on the red planet, the push toward space exploration is very much alive. One way to explore this area is through SPDR ETF Final Limits (NYSEMKT: ROKT). As our technological capabilities increase along with our thirst for experience of the unknown, there will be continued investment in deep space and marine exploration. Without looking at the risk associated with any one company, you will find that this nimble ETF offers investment in some of the major players in space, giving its -into Maxar Technologies, Virgin Galactic Holdings, and Raytheon.

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3. Nasdaq NexGen ETF Siren Economy

Mar Bitcoin Continuing with the meteoric rise, it is important to remember that we are still at the beginning of the “next generation” economy – much smaller than the “post-pandemic” economy. Many large institutions have made huge bets on the future of digital money, and with those big promises comes growth in core industries, such as those focused on blockchain technology. The Nasdaq NexGen ETF Siren Economy (NASDAQ: BLCN) it is not cheap with a cost ratio of 0.68%, but it provides a convenient opportunity for companies that spend a lot of capital to blockchain related infrastructure. It’s hard to know exactly what the future holds, but we are likely to have blockchain technology in the distant future.

4. Vanguard ETF total stock market index

The reason this ETF has found its way onto this list is that it should be on every list. You do not have to feel that you need to choose the right departments at the right time to be successful with your investment. With the Vanguard ETF total stock market index (NYSEMKT: VTI), you will own all the shares at a minuscule cost. The fund is heavily diversified over market capitalization, business publishing, and valuation, but perhaps more importantly, it takes away the time-consuming task of deciding how and where to place it. your money. Just buy, maintain, and invest at regular intervals for reliable results over the long term.

ETFs are better

Most of us know someone – or have seen someone on the internet – who came back by investing in one stock. While that’s a compelling story, it won’t speak to most short-term traders who will be fired by the stock market.

ETFs can offer an alternative operating option: By investing in many companies through a single asset, you will be able to spread risk and gain upside-down potential at the same time. While this is not at all a command to swear a one-stock investment forever, it may be a reminder that investing is risky. The rug can be pulled out from you at any time.

ETFs protect diversification through diversification – and that is interesting in itself.

This article represents the opinion of the writer, who may not agree with the “official” recommendation position of the Motley Fool chief consulting service. We are motley! Questioning an investment dissertation – even one of our own – helps us to think critically about investing and make decisions that will help us become softer, happier and richer.