Brisk touts first new product in 5 years with social push, girl sweepstakes

Diving information:

  • Brisk, the ready-to-drink tea marketed with the PepsiCo-Unilever partnership, is promoting its first new product in five years with a social media campaign and branded product offering. The release for Brisk Zero Sugar Lemon Iced Tea includes 60-second space on the brand’s YouTube channel and website that shows how several creators are getting inspired, and the tagline “All Great Things Start from Zero,” would appear according to all reports.
  • The “Solution to Zero Drop” promotion allows consumers to win one of more than 2,600 prizes by purchasing the fresh sugar-free iced lemon tea or other participating Brisk products, and enter code found under the bottle cap at the Website / ZeroDrop. Brisk will receive an hourly reward for 56 consecutive days. In addition, every entrant has the chance to win one of five top prizes that include Brisk merchandise and a pair of custom shoes made by sneaker artist Dan “Mache” Gamache, which is visible in the 60-second spot.
  • Brisk’s social media effort to promote the results includes an “All Great Things Start From Zero” influencer campaign on Instagram, a #JustAddBrisk challenge on TikTok and a custom emoji that people see when they use the hashtags #UnlockYourZeroDrop and #BriskZeroSugar on Twitter, according to the announcement.

David’s Vision:

Brisk aims to raise awareness for the lemon-flavored, lemon-flavored tea, while engaging younger customers with an extensive digital media effort and a sweepstake that sells flagship products and other prizes. The theme of her tagline “All Great Things Start from Zero” runs through the campaign, which highlights the artistic efforts of various creators, including Mache, illustrator Mark Elzey, graffiti artist Epic Uno and Riiisa Boogie and Rezones multimedia art.

The campaign comes amid steady growth for the ready-to-drink tea sector, which expanded as much as 5% to $ 6.45 billion last year despite competition from other health drinks, according to the U.S. Tea Association.

Brisk encourages consumers to try out the new flavor with the sweepstakes that offer the chance to earn branded merchandise such as a skateboard, bucket hat, T-shirt, bomber jacket and boom box, among other things. Branded products have become more popular in promotion for several brands that aim to be relevant among younger customers. Among the most recent examples, Avocados From Mexico began this month offering members of their new loyalty rewards program a way to get brand swag from their web store. Dunkin ‘was offering wedding-themed products on his website for Valentine’s Day, while McDonald’s has used the strategy for years with a variety of products, including the capsule collection for sale. launched the Crispy Chicken Sandwich last month.

The grand prize of introducing custom sneakers made by Mache is another sign of how sneaker culture has become more commonplace, and is more prominent in campaigns from brands outside of the sportswear industry. and clothing. Luxury brand luxury car this month created a video documentary called “Rubber & Sole” which showed how a group of designers created a custom sneaker inspired by the 2021 IS luxury car brand sedan. Chips Ahoy started at Mondelez last month asking sneakerheads to vote on their favorite shoe design for Chip brand mascots. Yum Brands’ Pizza Hut chain has run themed campaigns, including the introduction of the “Pie Tops” paired sneakers for ordering pizza.