BP Ops Cold Week Black Ops December 17 – 24

Activision has announced that players can experience the multiplayer mode of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War for free.

Players can try Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War MP for free starting Thursday, Dec. 17 at 10AM PT and ending on Thursday, Dec. 24 at 10AM PT.

There will be two levels of playlists available in that period.

The week will include access to the game’s 18 MP maps, including the new maps that went live with the Season One update.

Here is the breakdown.

Free entry rate 1: December 17-21

Free access comes in two stages. Phase 1 begins on Thursday, 12/17 and ends on Monday, 12/21, and includes a mix of modes that are new to Quarter One or already available since their launch Cold War Black Ops.

Gunvight 2v2

Get some Warzone Gulag used when the game mode 2v2 seminal from Modern warfare returning Cold War Black Ops in Season One. Those fast-paced, high-tension battles always end in the same way: with the last two standing. Face off with a competitive duo on four maps: Game Show, ICBM, KGB, and U-Bahn, and be the first team to win six rounds to win.

Team Deathmatch

This classic 6v6 game mode requires no introduction. Eliminate enemies and earn score for your team. First team to 100 wins. Maps include Moscow, Cartel, Miami, Satellite, Checkmate, Garrison, Armada Strike, Crossroads Strike, Nuketown ’84, The Pines, and Raid.

Featured Playlist: Nuketown Holidays 24/7

Deck the halls with this Christmas playlist, taking place in redecoration Black ops classic. Nuketown ’84 returned victoriously before Season One, and this holiday version of the map adds an even brighter shine to the old Nevada test spot. Jump into this 24/7 playlist and play Nuketown to your heart’s content in a number of fast-paced modes.

Special Playlist: Raid the Mall

Get ready for a two-map show showing the fan-favorite Raid Black Ops II and the new center in New Jersey at The Pines. With two medium-sized maps with a mix of visual obstacles with 80s beauty, Raid the Mall promises down-and-dirty battles, intense combat, and fast-paced crushing play.


The tried and true call of Duty goal mode is back and better than ever. Two teams of six players fight for control of three goal zones. Earning score for each goal your team has. The first team to score 200 wins! Maps include Moscow, Cartel, Miami, Satellite, Checkmate, Garrison, Armada Strike, Crossroads Strike, Nuketown ’84, The Pines, and Raid.

Free entry level 2: December 21-24

Although Stage 1 ends Monday, 12/21, don’t be intimidated. Level 2 will pick up where you left off. Not only are all the methods from the previous level available, you will find the following:

Sealg Prop

The popular mode delivers its hilarious look at hide-and-seek, call of Duty style. For those unfamiliar with it, Prop Hunt pits two teams against each other: Hunters and Props. Props disguise themselves as scenes like grand grand pianos or mannequins, while hunters try to find the Props down and destroy them before they escape and to re-integrate them into the environment. . The first team to take three rounds.

Combined Weapons: Hardpoint

In this new development with Combined Arms, two teams of 12 fight to capture and control a moving target across four maps: Armada, Crossroads, Miami, and Cartel. Use tanks, gunboats and snowploughs to capture targets and take control of the enemy. Although the time is five minutes, the clock stops when the second team takes control of the goal, allowing for a big comeback. The first team to reach the 350 score finish wins.

Fireteam: Dirty bomb

Enter this 40-player frenzied mode to collect, deliver and deposit uranium in several active dirty bomb sites. You earn score by killing enemies, collecting and depositing uranium, and melting dirty bombs. Maps include two major playgrounds: Ruka and Alpine.

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