Bottas says there are many positive things to be done since 2020 – but admits he’s fighting Hamilton ‘take it out of me’

On paper, Valtteri Bottas ’2020 was just the fourth consecutive season where he was beaten to the title by Mercedes team-mate Lewis Hamilton. But the Fingalians said there was much to celebrate from this season, as well as enough learning to bring it into 2021.

The season began, as did 2019, with Bottas ’strong influence in the first race in Austria, prompting talk again that this could truly be Bottas’ year. But he would never reach the top stage again, at the Russian Grand Prix, as Hamilton clinched his seventh title – and fourth consecutive title – with three rounds to go, at the eventually going on to win 11 times.

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Nonetheless, with Hamilton’s 124-point margin at the end of his teammate in the drivers ’position – worth nearly five full race wins – Bottas was looking to focus on the positive things, after beating Red Bull ‘s Max Verstappen in second place in the drivers stand by nine points, and taking on five pole positions – his highest trip of a season.

“If I look back on this year, there are many positive things I can take,” Bottas said. “I have been able to make progress in many areas. Sure that’s still not enough to win the title, but I’ll keep pushing. There were some unfortunate races where I lost some points, but there were also some races that Lewis was better than me, and that was ultimately how it made the difference.

F1 Grand Prix of Russia

Sochi was the second and final award of the year

“It was sometimes about really good margins, whether it was about merit or how the race ended in terms of what kind of strategy I was pushing for, or was pushing for. for him, and how things came to an end. But in this sport – the points difference can look pretty big now, I know, but in the end it comes down to good margins and I couldn’t be Lewis has consistently been at a high level this year, so I think that has made a difference.

“It’s not much but I think it’s enough to win, and that’s something that will keep me pushing forward in the future, because I feel like I’m getting bigger better every year, and that gives me hope and encouragement and the desire to push more to try and keep growing, now and especially in the future. ”

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Despite Bottas’ progress, the Fingalians admitted it was hard to suffer a fourth straight loss to Hamilton – admitting he may have made his head down after Hamilton won the title. wrapped in Istanbul – while opening up on the level of competing against one of the sport’s top players in the same car.


Bottas said Hamilton’s case came down to good ends

“It’s no secret that fighting for Lewis for years and years, I know what it will take from me,” he said, “when, every weekend, I try to 100 % get away from me and keep pushing. Sometimes I get close, sometimes I get the hang of it. But it is difficult to accept the fourth consecutive year in terms of competition title.

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“So it definitely has an effect, and when you know the title is lost, it’s not the same, although you should always keep it 100% and that’s what I do. try. But everyone knows how sensitive this sport is. So I think from this year, there’s a lot to learn, I hope I can use it for the future. ”