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Bosch wants to take fitness fans to the next level with its new AI chip

It may not have been so easy to work out this year amid a global pandemic, but for those who are trying to keep up with your fitness habits amid the temptation, or are interested in it. getting into one, the right fitness technology can greatly enhance the experience. It’s always nice to be able to keep track of your workouts, whether it’s running or weightlifting. Bosch Sensortec designs sensors based on microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) that are used in products such as VR headsets, drones, wearables, and more. The latest sensor, BHI260AP, ​​aims to take fitness fans a step further by allowing automated detection, and the ability to learn new ones.

The chip uses AI to detect how a user is moving, allowing him to verify the work being done without the user specifying. And even more interestingly, the chip can learn new workflows based on user input. If it does not recognize a workshop being performed, it still logs it, and the user can enter a name for the workshop. That way, when the chip finds the same movements from that work, it knows it will recognize you. It can even take matters a step further and tell the user when their form is off.

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Because the AI ​​is located on the chip, the information can be sent directly to a smartphone without the need to send data through the cloud, which could save battery life as no internet connection will be required. .

This new AI sensor would benefit fitness-focused users because while even the best fitness trackers may be able to detect workplaces to some degree, there are usually limitations and not a way to is there to find out what the dedicated app might already have. Bosch says the sensor is even small enough to fit in a variety of wearables as well as wireless earbuds, and hopes its new sensor will help power the next generation of wearables. tools.

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