Borussia Dortmund: The Peaks of Yosefi Mokoku

The shock on the lines didn’t help either. Borussia Dortmund, who suffered a humiliating 5-1 home loss to newcomer Stuttgart last week, announced on Sunday the termination of coach Lucian Fabre’s departure and the appointment of assistant referee Edin Trezik on a temporary basis. The new coach hoped last night (Friday) to take the Black Yellows on a new path, but did not stop the avalanche and his team Lost 2: 1 to Union Berlin.

It was in fact Borussia Dortmund’s fifth loss since the start of the season, the last time they won in such a large amount of games after just 13 rounds was six years ago in Jurgen Klopp’s last season on the team, then recording eight losses in the same time and finishing a seven-year disappointing seventh. This season of course it’s not the direction, but it’s hard to see Dortmund of the year battling for the championship until the last minute, as we have been used to seeing regularly in recent years.

Edin Tresik Speaking after the game and referring to the two goals his team conceded through the funds: “We lost the game because we did not stand properly, but obviously he has many other bad things. We have already recognized this strength in them – they scored eight goals from stationary positions, most of them the same – this “It wasn’t our first mistake, it’s the kind of thing we need to know to avoid. It’s really disappointing to go home after a game like this.”

Edin Tresik | Soeren Stache / picture alliance via Getty Images

Mats Homeless He added: “We are causing ourselves the damage and are responsible for our defeats. Something like this can not happen, it is unforgivable. Union Berlin have won twice due to our mistakes. The goalkeeper Burki novel: “The second goal we conceded was definitely due to negligence, it could not be that a player remained free like that, it’s very bad, especially after we talked about it before the game, the second goal we conceded frustrates me more than the first. In addition we were not dangerous enough up front. We need a gate. ”

Despite all this, last night’s game will be remembered for a long time and not because of the result. Yusufa Mokoku, who just over two weeks ago became the youngest player in the history of the Bundesliga, scored his first debut goal in the seniors that only leaves a taste for more. Needless to say, he is now also the youngest player to score in the German league, and is also in a respectable place in the major leagues.

Among the big five leagues, Mokoko is in second place at all times, after Amadeo Amadei, one of the greatest strikers in the history of Rome who scored his first goal in the Giallarossi uniform at the age of 15 and 287 days, somewhere in 1937. By the way, the German striker took the place of Fabrice Olinga, the youngest conqueror in La Liga history who first scored in a Malaga uniform at the age of 16 and 98 days in 2012. Unfortunately for the latter his playing career did not rise as he had hoped and he is currently playing for the Belgian Moscaron.

A historic night ended in disappointment. Yusufa Mokoku | Mario Hommes / DeFodi Images via Getty Images