Bolsonaro from Brazil warns that virus vaccine could turn people into ‘jars’

BRASILIA: Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has launched an attack on coronavirus vaccines, even suggesting that the one developed by Pfizer-BioNTech could turn men into crocodiles or bearded women.
The most distant leader has been skeptical of the coronavirus since it first appeared at the end of last year, identifying it as “a few flu.” This week he demanded that he not get vaccinated, even when launching the country’s major crime program.
“In Pfizer’s contract it is very clear: ‘we are not responsible for any side effects.’ If you turn into a crocodile, it ‘s your problem, “Bolsonaro said Thursday.
This vaccine has been tested in Brazil for weeks and is already in use in the United States and Britain.
“If you grow too tall, if a woman starts growing a beard or if a man starts talking with an effeminate voice, they will have nothing to do with it,” he said, referring to drug manufacturers.
When he launched the vaccination campaign Wednesday, Bolsonaro also said it would be free but not mandatory.
But the Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that the vaccination was mandatory, although it could not be imposed on people.
This means that authorities can fine people for not getting the vaccine and banning them from certain public places, but not forcing them to take it.
Brazil has recorded more than 7.1 million cases and nearly 185,000 deaths from Covid-19 among the 212 million population.
Bolsonaro said that once a vaccine has been confirmed by Brazil ‘s governing body, Anvisa, “it will be available to everyone who wants it. But me, I will not get the vaccine.”
“Some people say I’m setting a bad example. But for the imbeciles, for the idiots who say this, I tell them that I’ve already caught the virus. , I have antibodies, so why get the vaccine? ”
There have been a small number of redefined cases although there is no certainty as to whether a person can be rehabilitated or how long immunity lasts.
Bolsonaro caught the virus in July but recovered within three weeks.
Brazil is in the midst of a second wave of coronavirus diseases.
After peaking in June to August things had been falling but that changed in November.
On Thursday, Brazil passed 1,000 daily deaths from covid-19 for the first time since September.
The country’s vaccination program has been widely criticized for being late and disruptive, especially since Bolsonaro opposes it.