Bnei Gantz: There is a place for a Palestinian capital in Jerusalem – political news and politics

Bnei Gantz

Bnei Gantz

Photo: Oren Ben Hakoon / POOL

Defense Minister Bnei Gantz, blue-and-white chairman, gave an interview to the Saudi newspaper Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, which is distributed in the Arab world, and presented his doctrine for resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Ganz said that in his view, “Jerusalem will remain united – but there is also room for a Palestinian capital.”

He called on Abu Mazen to join the recent peace processes between Israel and Arab countries and not to be left behind. Ganz emphasized that Israel would not return to the 1967 borders, but that there could be an exchange of territories with the Palestinians.

“You know that we opposed the annexation plan from the beginning, before the UAE demand was raised and before Netanyahu agreed to the freeze. We opposed the training of outposts. We want to expand the Palestinian entity geographically, to enable it to lead a comfortable life without obstacles.

” What we are constantly asking for is security. We need real strategic barriers to security. Of course, one can talk about land swaps, although I do not see how and where. We say the 1967 borders will not return. But there is always the possibility of finding compromises. “

“I live in Rosh HaAyin on the border with the West Bank, I have friends in Taibeh and Araba and I visit them and they visit me and I want that to happen with Nablus and Hebron and Ramallah,” Ganz said in an interview.

“I have fought in the Israeli army for 38 years, and believe me, the generals in the army who saw and tasted the horrors of war are the ones who most want peace. Among our generals, I can say with confidence that I most want peace.”

Ganz was asked: “When will Netanyahu allow you to visit Arab countries and have you visited any Arab country?” He replied: “I have visited all Arab countries, but as part of military missions, and I very much want to visit them in public, officially, in a friendly and peaceful manner.”