Bnei Gantz outside the Ministry of Justice: “Bibi wants to put a henchman here”

Blue-and-white chairman and Justice Minister Bnei Gantz arrived outside the Ministry of Justice at noon (Tuesday) and warned of the moves Netanyahu is planning after the election.

“We are not in the election because of the corona or the economy – we are in it because of Netanyahu’s desire to undermine democracy by any means and at any cost, even if it means undermining Israeli democracy in the full sense.

” This is why Bibi would be willing to put here as a henchman like Ben Gvir, or bring Ohana back so that he would intimidate and interfere with the decisions of the justice system. If Netanyahu achieves 61 to the bloc of immunity – this place behind me will be the first to rise to the stake – after Netanyahu has already called on his supporters to rise above him. The counsel will be replaced, the attorney will be dismissed, and the trial will be set aside. In such a situation, it will also be impossible to deal with the economy, security and health – because the professional echelon that maintains the public coffers and the reforms will become a contractor. “

Ganz called for voting for his party, “Today is not the time for reckoning, nor the time for despair – this is the last time to act. We must have blue and white in the Knesset, we must vote yes. Go out and vote so that blue and white will maintain a democratic government if we get to a fifth election. “Go out and vote so that all the parties in the change camp will pass and we will be able to form an honest government here and maintain the rule of law.”