Bigg Boss 14: Is Devoleena Bhattacharjee out of the house? The actor slashes Paras Chhabra on Twitter

  • Devoleena Bhattacharjee has defeated Paras Chhabra and thanked Rashami Desai on Twitter, stating that she wants to meet Bigg Boss 13 rival soon.

PUBLISHED ON FEB 14, 2021 07:41 AM IST

TV actress Devoleena Bhattacharjee, who joined Bigg Boss 14 as a proxy player for Eijaz Khan is out of the show. It is not yet clear whether she (on behalf of Eijaz) was voted out of the match hosted by Salman Khan.

Shortly after Saturday ‘s program ended with Paras Chhabra revealing why he would never support her, Devoleena tweeted, “One should understand the meaning of #supporter. naam pe bhi kalaa daag ban gaya #girgit Support karna nahi tha toh anna hi nahi chahiye tha Gandi gandi harkatein karega toh tareefein thodi batorega support him, he should have avoided coming to the show! Not recommended! for dirty actions.) .. # BB14. “

Paras was heard saying on the show, “Support Mai karunga isko? Tweet marti thi mere liye! (Can I support her? She would tweet against me). ” Jasmin Bhasin also shook out an agreement, saying, “She was also tweeting against me but later resigned. ”

Responding to her birthday wishes from Devoleena, her close friend Rashami Desai tweeted, “Babyyyyyyyy you are my unconditional star love star and you have given me a heart attack. But I am proud that this was not easy Devoleena also replied: “Love you and meet me soon now … Gossips hai mere paas (I have gossip).”

Although it has not been officially announced that she has left the show, Devoleena has been RT-ing numerous tweets praising her visit to Bigg Boss 14 and telling her that she was “playing extremely well good as a substitute for Eijaz ”and will be missed by her fans. She also thanked the contestant’s fans and singer Rahul Vaidya thanked her for her demeanor and connection to the show.

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Devoleena, who was a competitor on BIgg Boss 13 and had to stop midway due to health issues, joined the show this year to play for Eijaz. Ejaz had to step out of the show because of previous promises.

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