Big Brother: Linor first responds to Rami Vered’s behavior

Linor Sabinik responds to Rami Vered’s behavior in Big Brother (courtesy of Network 13)

Retired “Big Brother” tenant, Linor Sabinik She left the closed house last Saturday and left Rami Vered, Good friend, continue to deal alone with the remaining tenants. Sabinik Ward’s relationship caused a great deal of controversy among the viewers, and although the two claimed that they were like “father and daughter”, viewers claimed that their relationship was too close.

The criticism intensified last week after a debate was aired by Rami Vered with the new tenant Daniel Levin, After the latter took Linor and Remy, who was bored to be closed for many hours in the bedroom, for a conversation, he decided to interrupt the conversation between them and ask Linor to come and be with him. Even in the closed house, there were those who resented Remy’s behavior, including their good friends Tom Haimov andKarin on her And of course the outside criticism was not long in coming and comparing Remy’s behavior to that of a patronizing and tyrannical man.

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Karin Linor and Tom’s tough conversation about Remy’s behavior

Since leaving the house, Sabinik has not commented on the relationship with Remi or the criticism that was heard outside, but today (Tuesday) she will talk about everything in “Big Brother – Reveal Everything” that will be broadcast after the news on Channel 13. In an exclusive peek at TMI Linor responded to rummy.

It has reached a level where women’s organizations have said ‘what is a sip a man treats a woman like that?’. Do you have one clear message for all these people?

“Obviously. Remy condemns such behavior. Remy will not accept it, even with the slightest excuse. Throughout the season, he talks about it, about the phenomenon of battered women. “I do not think so. He hates it … I deliberately chose to use that word. He is neither a patron nor a dictator nor anything they chose to say … he is not.”

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Linor Sabinik, Rami Vered, Big Brother (Photo: 13 screenshot)