Big Brother Final: Zehava Ben is the lucky winner!

Zehava Ben in “Big Brother” (screenshot of Network 13)

After 108 days full of dramas, upheavals, departures and exciting and stormy dismissals, the Big Brother final 2021 reached its climax when it was finally announced that Zehava Ben She is the big winner of the coveted NIS 1 million prize. It was another innocent evening for the tenants until in one moment Big Brother, Roy Oz surprised the remaining six tenants because the grand finale begins now. After overcoming head-to-head confrontation Josie Arena, Liron Weizmann and Guy Zoarz Announced for the first time this season in a studio full of crowds the singer’s name as the big winner of the season. “I do not believe, I thank you big brother. It is an experience I will never forget. I believed I would reach the end but I did not believe I would win” she said and concluded Ben in the big brother room just before she left for the studio.

Zehava, 52, mother of son Entered the revealing reality show to show who she really is, and not just as she is known only from the stories from the media. Ben, who has known ups and downs in her musical career over the years, received a serious boost and even in one episode the singer Eyal Golan entered the closed house to tell her that they had closed her first performance in Caesarea, in which he would take part. Within a few hours the tickets ran out and another show opened.

Zehava Ben (Photo: Micha Lubton)

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In the second and most honorable place.  Josie Arena (Photo: Micha Loveton)In the second and most honorable place. Josie Arena (Photo: Micha Loveton)

During the final broadcast, which took place in surprise and without make-up, combed and dressed in their best clothes, the best clips from last season were broadcast – which included fascinating photos of all the participants – along with the excitement of the presenters and season-dismissers watching from the studio stand. Ben, won the final Coral Hadad Which came out in sixth place, Acid pine In fifth place, in fourth place Karin on her And in third place is Tom Haimov. So Ben stayed head to head with Josie who came in second.

Almog Hadad (Photo: Micha Loveton)Almog Hadad (Photo: Micha Loveton)

Oren Asido (Photo: Micha Loveton)Oren Asido (Photo: Micha Loveton)
Karin Aliyah (Photo: Micha Loveton)Karin Aliyah (Photo: Micha Loveton)
Tom Haimov (Photo: Micha Lubton)Tom Haimov (Photo: Micha Lubton)
Tom Haimov, Gal Gvaram (Photo: Micha Lubton)Tom Haimov, Gal Gvaram (Photo: Micha Lubton)