“Bibi Lech”: Who broke into Eden Ben Zaken’s Instagram account and caused a storm?

The singer Eden Ben Zaken Released in December 2020 a joint and exciting duet with Benjamin Netanyahu To sing “I have love”. Ben Zaken is known to be one of the Likud voters and supporters. But today, Election Day, the most important day of all, Ben Zaken wrote a response to the prime minister that managed to cause a big storm on the net.

Among the followers who watched the video in a live broadcast uploaded by the prime minister, also watched singer Eden Ben Zaken, who wrote to him in response, “Come on, go.” The network stormed the turn in the plot, the singer received many inquiries and was asked what the surprising reaction meant.

Benjamin Netanyahu, Eden Ben Zaken (Photo: Instagram screenshot)

In the last few minutes, Ben Zaken made it clear that she had no hand in the matter when she uploaded a post and explained that her Instagram account had been hacked. Ben Zaken wrote: “Dear friends, in the last half hour I broke into Instagram and commented on Bibi Netanyahu, it is not honest and the matter has been taken to court.”

Ofer Menachem, Shaden Ben Zaken’s public relations man, said: “A fan of Eden broke into her Instagram page, impersonated Eden and uploaded a story on her behalf. The matter has been referred to a lawyer, and we will find the case with her.”

Eden Ben Zaken (Photo: Instagram screenshot)Eden Ben Zaken (Photo: Instagram screenshot)