Bianca Belair suffers a pointless loss

Bayley shook Bianca Belair on SmackDown and the community immediately heard the roar of his fans shaking their heads in humiliation.

What’s the point of building a professional custodian? The simple answer is, to give fans something to cheer for or rebuke – to push them to the status quo of “over.” WWE has had a great experience with stars such as The Rock, John Cena, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Daniel Bryan, and very few others. Unfortunately, the company seems to have lost their way in making those stars that fans care about more often. Bianca Belair is on the verge of becoming so attractive, but after seeing her lose to Bayley on SmackDown, it should be noticed.

Yes, we all understand that it is just one loss. Bayley comes from a big run at the top of the women ‘s division and COVID – 19 was perhaps the most important keeper on the WWE roster in the challenging months. However, since she lost the title to Sasha Banks, she was included in the packing order – which was a right move to make at the time. It was clear that Belair and Bayley were heading towards a program together, but it makes no sense for him to start like this.

WWE spent months picking up Belair through promos and getting matches. Of course, prior to this loss she had not been crushed since February this year when she defeated Charlotte Flair back on NXT joining WrestleMania. That good work, thrown away without meaningless loss on SmackDown. Fans still want to see Belair succeed, but if this is the way things are headed for the player, no one should raise their hopes too high.

Belair is the kind of personality and athlete that inspires a group of fans who often shun defenders. Just like Naomi, she has an attraction with African Americans, especially African American women who are drawn to all about these characters. Those viewers want these actors to go better in the ring just like their peers, but by watching Belair lose a simple game like this these fans will be amazed. ‘ask immediately what her top is in the promotion.

Sadly, this is equivalent for the course. Just take a look at the keepers of the challenge as Keith Lee, Ricochet and Aleister Black have been through since they came up to the top roster. No matter how high the fans push for to be treated as their special talent – they are ordered instead in ways that push out and send scared fans away from the content.

Should fans scream bloody murder about Bianca Belair losing a game to Bayley? No, some of it is made fun of. But at the same time WWE tends to train book actors for no reason. Belair did not need to defeat Bayley, just to continue a feud between them. It is pointless. But “pointless” is a term for describing much of WWE’s content so late.