Betar Jerusalem: Itamar Ben Gvir attacks Moshe Hogg and the police arrested Ohad

The Jerusalem Police raided the home of a Betar Jerusalem fan, who belongs to La Familia, yesterday evening (Tuesday), claiming that he spray-painted graffiti against owner Moshe Hogg, in protest of the sale of the group to Sheikh Hemed Ben Khalifa. The fan’s detention was not extended and he was released Now until another hearing to be held on Sunday. Adv. Itamar Ben Gvir, who represents the same fan, was interviewed today for the 103FM sports program and attacked the police and Moshe Hogg.

“I’m not sticking my head in any criminal offense, but let’s put things in proportion,” Ben Gvir said. “There are thousands of graffiti everywhere. Why did the Jerusalem police suddenly raid someone’s house and arrest him at night? He is suspected of criminal corruption. This is a 19.5-year-old young man, a football fan who belongs to La Familia. My claim is that there is persecution against La Familia.” .

“If it was a Bnei Sakhnin fan or another fan, no one would have detained him for a night in a detention center,” the lawyer attacked. “There is persecution here. “It is possible to agree and disagree with the words of La Familia regarding the entry of the sheikh into the club, but I think that for offenses of freedom of expression, a football fan is not stopped for an entire night.”

The family will offer her a protest against Moshe celebrating |

“I was in Sakhnin at a game that shouted ‘Itbah al-Yehud’. Did anyone stop there? The police are scared. My claim is that if it’s Betar Jerusalem then they stop and if it’s Sakhnin then it passes quietly. I’m against bipolar disorder. To treat everyone equally. If they say that as much freedom of expression as possible should be allowed – let everyone speak. What happened? Are they not allowed to talk? And another Moshe celebrates at every moment threatening lawsuits. It annoys me so much. “

“You can not say that you do not want a football team to be sold? What is this thing? There is persecution and silence here. La Familia have become damn hairy. The police seem to work for a celebrant. Every team has its fans. I recently represented the burnt Maccabi Tel Aviv. “What, this is a crime group? These are people who love sports, come to every game and take it more to heart.”

What is his personal opinion on the sale of Betar to the Sheikh: “I do not look Arab or non-Arab. In my opinion, there is a problem here that a foreign owner runs a football team. It is impossible to compare Mitch Goldhaar. We are in the State of Israel, the state of the Jews. If there is an owner who is Zionist, it is cool. “He will be called Betar al – Quds and in three days he can bring the Palestinian flag. I’m not sure that will happen. Not everything is money. According to the amounts of money they are talking about, he should bring Leo Messi here.”

Hemed bin Khalifa with Moshe celebrates | Beitar Jerusalem