Best tweets about the new Netflix Reality show

Fabulous Lives Of Bollywood Wives is getting mixed reviews from Netflix viewers. Check out some of the funniest and most relevant fan tweets!

The new Netflix reality show Elegant beasts of Bollywood women viewers included four special characters: Bhavana Pandey, Maheep Kapoor, Neelam Kothari, and Seema Khan. However, not all viewers fall in love with the series.

All the women on the new Netflix show are the wives of Bollywood’s most popular mid-stars. On screen, they take an in-depth look at audiences into their luxurious lifestyles. But just like Indian Match – another Netflix series released earlier this year – this show is getting mixed reviews from the audience. Check out some of the best responses from the people.

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Just from the first glance, the lives of these women look so busy. Plus, the way they treat each other doesn’t seem like they’ve been best friends for years. Take a look at the following tweet that perfectly describes the feelings of many viewers:

Did these Netflix stars really mind calling each other “twats, “by abusing each other on camera, and shaking body would someone look cooler? Here tweet calling women smiling:

Nepotism is very common in the Hindi film industry, and this show has proven it several times. Maheep ‘s 21 – year – old daughter, Shanaya Kapoor, who has not yet achieved much, gets a chance to thrive in Paris’, Le Bal. Her full experience is recorded in the exhibition. Why?

When the four ladies couldn’t wake up enough drama, Karan Johar, the show’s producer, came in. It was clear from his feeling that he was not just there to spend time with his friends.

Neelam, 51, says she entered the Hindi film industry at the age of 15, and has worked in over 30 Hindi films. So how does she still speak in a strange accent?

It wasn’t just Neelam. Maheep also had an accent. Yes, she studied in London, but has been living in Mumbai, India, for several years now. How did she not miss that accent?

Here is another man jab at women’s strange accents:

At the same time, these four women are living well and experiencing an explosion in Doha. But on the other hand, their husbands are complaining about their struggle to find work in the industry. It just doesn’t add up!

Some fans have discovered Elegant beasts of Bollywood women so bad that they are ready to look at Sima Taparia from Mumbai and suffer with her “aunty eye.

Some onlookers realized that Karan was trying to wake up the pot and make these women fight each other. He didn’t try to hold an organic conversation, but instead threw in uncomfortable questions that prompted a brawl. Did he give a script? Koffee Le Karan by mistake?

even though Elegant beasts of Bollywood women identified as a binge cringe, some viewers are thankful for Shahrukh Khan’s cameo. Arjun Kapoor also did an admirable job in giving people a good idea with his true vision.

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